As a provider of global, 24/7 financial services, this client recognized the critical importance of business continuity education for maintaining operational continuity during any disruptive natural or man-made event. They recognized that traditional classroom training was not only ineffective but that it was difficult to deliver consistent, simultaneous training globally.

In collaboration with KMI, it was determined that transforming the existing classroom education content into a dynamic and exciting e-Learning program would achieve the goal. It would provide consistent training, on-demand and simultaneously to the global workforce.

KMI developed a rich e-Learning module that utilized custom video. Scenarios were crafted that reflected real-life potential business disruptions. These scenarios provided opportunities for the learner to identify and learn appropriate processes and procedures during these situations.

The client has experienced a significant, quantifiable increase in procedural adherence to business continuity policies. Employees have not only taken the course, as required, but they have followed instructions to prepare for such situations. These actions are verifiable through the client HRIS system.

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Brian Hoffsis

Brian Hoffsis

Since 1999 Brian has been writing, photographing and designing for both digital and print media. In addition to 3D, web, graphic and logo design Brian specializes in instructional illustration, diagramming and animation.