Want to make your employees happier? Did you know that 76% of employees said that “opportunities for growth were the top reason they stayed in an organization” ?

We all know what it means to not like your job, to feel fully stagnated. A constant concern of employers, HR departments and team-leaders is how to keep employees happy. The logic is happy employees are good for business. And it makes sense, the statistics prove it. Learning and growing is the number two reason for people to like or not like their jobs. So, if that is not a reason to look into it then I don’t know what is…

Now, what does this have to do with e-learning? Very simple: E-learning, especially custom e-learning, when done right is engaging, custom made for its audience and measurable.EmployeeMotivation
Engaging: The kind of e-learning content that makes your learner click the ‘Next’ button as soon as available is the nightmare of every employee. Great e-learning content is fun (see graphic above: Fun is extremely important) , they want to see it, they will remember it because it stimulates their visual memories and they will come back for more because it feels like playing a game or watching a good movie.

Custom: If your audience is twenty-some-year-old financial professionals with ambitious attitudes of “wanting to reach the stars” they will appreciate an e-learning LMS that helps them to improve their performance. Rather than something that just feeds them policies, read by some not-at-all-inspiring person, in a somewhat out-of-fashion outfit, behind a News-TV desk. Or if you want to help nurses with their CE (continuing education), would they not prefer it to be fun rather than an over and over occurring torture of boredom?

Measurable: This is probably most important for the employer. You want to see how engaging your growth opportunities are to see if your employees actually like what you are offering. A good custom e-learning solution provides you with the exact information you need. You will know when they like it. It is a benefit for the learner as well, because they will get great insight into their own e-learning progress.

Learning is important! Even Harvard agrees: “The second component (of thriving companies) is learning: the growth that comes from gaining new knowledge and skills. Learning can bestow a technical advantage and status as an expert. Learning can also set in motion a virtuous cycle: People who are developing their abilities are likely to believe in their potential for further growth.”

Your employees are your most valuable asset, treat them like it! If they like their job they will work harder, because suddenly it is not a ‘must’ but a ‘can’, this is how e-learning can increase your employee happiness.

Increasing Employee Through E-learning info graphic

Increasing Employee happiness with eLearning Snippet

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