Information security is the foundation of this 24/7 financial services provider’s business and the importance of the continued education and training of its current managers and employees is paramount. As part one of the training initiative (the second focuses on new employees) the challenge of this course is to closely relate to the employee who is already firmly rooted in the company’s culture. The client wanted an experience that oozes the company’s brand and allows the user to feel emboldened by their part in the community.

KMI’s solution was to create a relatable experience for the existing employee who is already keenly familiar with the company culture. We chose to invoke financial imagery that can be seen in the offices such as scrolling text and soft colorful transitions. In order to create personal connections we feature stories and testimonials of accomplished employees company-wide in woven video montages. These familiar faces are intended to unite the global offices under common goals. Another theme we incorporated is a flowing timeline approach which suggests processes that span the calendar year and express the importance of continued vigilance.

The client has experienced a significant and quantifiable improvement to overall corporate information security and a decrease in information security related incidents. By all measurable accounts, formal and informal, the down-to-earth approach has created increased completion rates and a rise in corporate morale and dedication to better security.

Brian Hoffsis

Brian Hoffsis

Since 1999 Brian has been writing, photographing and designing for both digital and print media. In addition to 3D, web, graphic and logo design Brian specializes in instructional illustration, diagramming and animation.