As a consulting, technology, and outsourcing services company, our client often has fairly complex stories to tell prospective clients. They needed a tool to enhance the proposal process in an engaging and memorable way; an interactive marketing presentation.

KMI applies an e-Learning mindset to these short marketing videos to “teach” prospective clients about the processes and technologies that this global marketing company is proposing. We have developed a number of metaphors including the chalkboard, the whiteboard, paper cutouts, the iPad as well as live action video and full bleed photography. They are short and to the point and the language is friendly and accessible.

We are realistic enough to know that our movies are only a small part of a huge effort by many of our client’s associates in developing the proposal presentations. What we can say is that this global marketing company keeps coming back and that a number of the videos have found a life beyond the proposal as newly won clients use them to educate their people internally.

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Brian Hoffsis

Brian Hoffsis

Since 1999 Brian has been writing, photographing and designing for both digital and print media. In addition to 3D, web, graphic and logo design Brian specializes in instructional illustration, diagramming and animation.