In spring of 2001 our client Dwight, a training manager at a global consulting firm, was tasked with selling existing elearning content to customers. That content had been developed to train consultants, but was viewed by the partner in charge of the Supply Chain Management practice as a potential add-on to consulting engagements …and since the firm already owned the content, it should be cheap and easy, right?

Dwight’s first problem was that while the content itself was valuable, the presentation of it was poor. It just wasn’t good, engaging elearning. That problem was compounded by the fact that the courses had been built on a proprietary learning platform that could not be turned to face external audiences. The ‘easy’ part of the idea was gone.

The ‘cheap’ part went too as Dwight encountered fragments of solutions from training companies. Content development and LMS pricing that was too expensive, and processes and services that were too inflexible, too slow to meet the needs of a startup. At this point, Dwight was feeling like he was going to have to go back to the partner and tell him that this could not be done. Given the partner’s expectations, Dwight decided to look a little bit broader to see if he had missed anything

That broader look saved the day. Dwight found KMI and was attracted to the affordability they provided in delivering not only an LMS that could be easily setup for external use, but also expert content development services to create engaging elearning. With that option, Dwight got approval to move forward with the project fast forward 12 years. What started as the Supply Chain Academy is now the Accenture Academy and it serves over 5600 courses to 122,000 learners from 105 global corporations. The Academy is a freestanding business within Accenture generating in excess of $30 million each year.

How KMi helped make the Academy possible:

  • Providing a content creation team which has produced nearly 2000 courses for the Academy (an average of 150 courses per year in supply chain management, manufacturing processes, finance and more)
  • Willingness to adapt our pricing model to the needs of a budget constrained project
  • Willingness to adapt the software for use as a fee-based outward facing site