In 2006 BG Group was delivering a single online course through a shared multi-tenant LMS installation. In order to take their training programs – both online and live event – to the next level, BG needed a full-featured, highly customized LMS that could support all of their existing and future initiatives from a global perspective. In addition to being able to deploy and manage training content to their global audience, BG needed a seamless integration with their HR systems so that user accounts would be solely managed by BG.

In deploying a customized instance of The KMI LMS for BG, KMI worked with BG’s IT team to create an environment for BG’s users that was both seamless and familiar. Once a user account is created within BG’s HR systems that account is automatically created in the LMS, providing immediate access to training materials. An additional seamless login was developed so that user’s accessing the LMS from BG’s internal network would be automated without the need to remember new or additional login credentials.

To meet the needs of the global audience KMI created multiple LMS Portals for Contractors and External partners which allows for manual account creation and direct login to the LMS through publicly exposed landing pages. All of these additional entry points and user accounts are still within the same application, and are still fully managed by BG’s LMS Administrators.

How KMI helped make this global deployment possible:

  • Created an integration with BG’s HR systems, synchronizing user account creations and creating a seamless login experience.
  • Mapped the core LMS structure to that of BG’s corporate hierarchy of locations, regions, assets and functions.
  • Designed a custom “skin” for BG to comply with all of BG’s corporate style guidelines and make the experience familiar to BG users from the outset.
  • Provide ongoing administrative support in managing LMS along with strategic planning in growing the LMS to address the ever growing needs for BG’s training requirements.