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The Challenge

BG Group, a UK based global gas and oil company, developed a safety awareness program called Life Savers to help create a “zero accidents” mindset that would reach across cultures and languages to every employee from HQ staff in Reading UK to the most remote oil rig in Azerbaijan. KMI was tasked with building a series of online courses that complement the other communication efforts and that would be widely accessible.

The Solution

KMI developed a multi-language architecture that dynamically populates the entire course with each learners language. This includes all on-screen text as well and narration. We also developed a set of culture neutral characters, affectionately call “the dudes”, and a simple but engaging graphic style to accommodate widely disparate cultures and education levels.

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The Outcome

While it is hard to separate the effects of one part of a company-wide communication effort, we know that the program is working as the number of incidents and accidents at BG Group has declined steadily. On average, each of the nine courses has been completed nearly 7,800 times. Not bad for non-mandatory courses and a company with “6,000+” employees! We also like to think that the high level of creativity and engagement in these courses has set a standard for eLearning across BG.

Want a Deeper Dive?

In 2007 BG Group came to KMI Learning with a challenge to figure out a way to turn their mandatory safety training program, the “Life Savers” initiative, into a series of online courses that would not only consolidate and unify BG’s messages, but would remain relevant and applicable to the primary languages and cultures that represented BG’s global audience. All of this needed to be part of a series of single-course records to avoid end-user confusion and reporting problems.

To accomplish this, KMI set out to build a custom XML course framework that would provide the flexibility needed for multi-language courses. This framework allows any user to take the same course, but select which language they want to the course to “play”. Once a language is selected, the course pulls in the appropriate language-specific audio and text information to use alongside the static and BG-centric images, games, and simulations. One course for any user.

The staggered release of the entire 9-course Life Savers program was completed in 16 months. Each course required a carefully managed process of script reviews and cultural accuracy checks by native speakers for each language.

To date the “Life Savers” courses are the best-reviewed courses within the BG Group LMS, and there have been over 90,000 course completions within the Life Savers series.

How KMI helped make the BG Group Life Savers series possible:

  • Completely customized course architecture allowing for multiple language selections that are culturally sensitive.
  • Highly immersive and engaging courseware development. Games and simulations designed with input from BG’s safety instructors.
  • Full project management assistance script reviews and cultural accuracy checks for all languages.
  • Comprehensive ongoing LMS support for distribution of materials, reporting analysis, and roster management.