The Challenge

In any business environment, certainly not excluding this 24/7 financial services provider, change is inevitable. Whether larger business changes or small details change is never easy. However there are a number of predictable outcomes to change that can be prepared for. Our client desired a fun and brief training program as to how best navigate potential change.

The Solution

KMI’s solution took a fun and literal route. The “change curve” is a commonly used tool to evaluate change and how to navigate it. We developed an animated character to illustrate the challenges of the change curve – the lows of Disruption, the struggles of Adoption and the highs of Innovation. Our character brought out the emotion of the otherwise technical process of change management.


Character Animation

A limited budget prevented us from producing a high production level animated character. Our solutions was to continue with a high level of character design combined with a concept that incorporated looping character animations and cinematic direction. The result is an animated infographic style that pairs well with the data style curve. We then break through to the characters world and see her interact with her environment utilizing the same looping animation approach. The end product is a rich experience with a limited amount of development time.

The Outcome

The client agreed that the lighthearted character softened and brought an element of fun to an often frustrating and dry topic. The course is being deployed to a variety of employees at all levels in the company and metrics are still being measured.