The Challenge

A global biopharmaceutical company, committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide, sought to produce online training for their sales staff as they navigate the US Veteran’s Administration (VA) and US Department of Defense (DoD). The goal for their sales staff was to ensure that those engagements were successful with appropriate social and business interactions. To educate the sales teams in these appropriate and successful behaviors, the Company decided to produce outstanding eLearning module(s) to provide this training. By producing online training, the content could be delivered consistently, just-in-time and on-demand. The overriding business objective was to ensure that the Company’s sales teams appropriately engaged with the VA and DoD. providing them with the most effective, protocol aligned service and as a result increase market share within these organizations for the Company’s products.

The Solution

In order to relate to the struggles of the sales force we decided to tell the story of a new sales representative, Rachel, as she learns, often the hard-way, to break through the barriers that surround the VA and DoD. In order to further humanize the importance of the service the company provides, Rachel has an Uncle, Jack, who is a Veteran and a patient. Her motivations go far beyond professional and this gives the user a multifaceted perspective on the subject. We went with an animated illustration approach and Rachel’s journey takes her to the gym with a friend and colleague and to a heart-to-heart meeting with her Uncle Jack in a cafe.


Concept Art

As is standard for KMI’s production process we provided a range of conceptual approaches to present to the client. Kick-off discussions helped us narrow our focus and expedite production.

The Outcome

The training rolled out with much anticipation and enthusiasm within the organization. Metrics are still being monitored.