Drive Safely

The Challenge

The International Committee of the Red Cross is committed to providing humanitarian aid to victims of armed conflict. A key component to their success begins with safely accessing the regions in need. And safety begins with safe driving. This means that all drivers be properly equipped to operate ICRC vehicles and navigate the variety of challenging territory in which they work. KMI was tasked with creating a comprehensive training program aimed at those who come from a wide variety of nationalities, cultures and language backgrounds.

The Solution

KMI developed a series of three courses breaking down the larger topic into specialized sub-topics. Each course is centered on a scrollable illustrated landscape. Our goal was to utilize simple illustrations to rapidly convey messages. These were combined with live action video clips, animated stories and illustrated diagrams. The result is pleasing and easily consumable, adding a light tone to an otherwise weighty subject.

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Drive Safely

The Outcome

Metrics are currently being measured.


Talking UX

A left to right scrolling approach was the perfect solution for us for progressing through the courses. The topic of travel and driving was ideally suited for the approach. We designed settings with a large variety of terrain, both rural and urban, and created situations that directly related to the subject of each content area.

Below is the background artwork, without the content, for all three courses. Scroll through and explore on your own!

A Group of Different Character
Drawing papers are on the White Board