Pallet animation

The Challenge

MTA is quite aware of the importance of proper pallet stacking, something that may seem almost trivial to those not in the warehousing industry. An improperly stacked pallet can topple, costing invaluable time and furthermore cause damage to the product, creating setbacks as Medline attempts to fulfill orders in a timely manner. They too are aware how vital it is that every one of their warehouse staff be properly trained in proper pallet stacking.

The Solution

In addition to video demonstrations KMI chose to diagram detailed stacking procedures. We generated detailed examples of what happens to poorly stacked pallets as they are transported, for instance. We also created highly detailed 3D models of improperly stacked pallets and animated them as they should be stacked properly. Lastly, we tested the user by asking them to identify specific errors in a stacked pallet. The result is a very concise and engaging piece of training on a subject that is deceptively important.

Truck animation
MTA pallet stacking

The Outcome

In the first year of company wide implementation of MTA the number of safety incidents and accidents in the warehouses declined by over 50%. The best workers are being retained by Medline. Those who left the company during the period had an online course failure rate more than 50% higher than those who stayed. Workers are learning their jobs faster. Managers in the field have reported a savings of two to five days in getting new employees up to speed. Every worker is being trained according to standard Medline operating procedures instead of learning processes peculiar to a single facility or trainer. With testing uniform across the company and mandatory passing scores, Medline can be certain all workers have understood the training.

How to build a pallet
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