Medline Training Academy (MTA)

The Challenge

Medical distribution and manufacturing company, Medline Industries, with thousands of operations employees at more than 40 distribution centers, needed a way to ensure that everyone throughout the company was receiving a consistent message and training on safety, standard operating procedures and regulatory compliance.
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The Solution

KMI and Kibler & Associates delivered a implementation of KMI’s LMS specifically tailored to the needs of Medline and it’s distribution center employees. Accessed by employees on break room kiosks MTA centralizes content distribution and reporting while enabling local control and accountability through the eLMS nested grouping structure. The system integrates seamlessly HR applications.
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The Outcome

In the first year of company wide implementation of MTA the number of safety incidents and accidents in the warehouses declined by over 50%. The best workers are being retained by Medline. Those who left the company during the period had an online course failure rate more than 50% higher than those who stayed. Workers are learning their jobs faster. Managers in the field have reported a savings of two to five days in getting new employees up to speed. Every worker is being trained according to standard Medline operating procedures instead of learning processes peculiar to a single facility or trainer. With testing uniform across the company and mandatory passing scores, Medline can be certain all workers have understood the training.
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Want a Deeper Dive?

A Training Academy for a Distribution Company


In 2007 our client, the Director of Operations of one of the nation’s largest medical products distribution company, brought in KMI Learning as the final and critical part of a multi-year project to standardize operating procedures and policies across the company. Prior to this initiative the company’s 28 warehouses had done things 28 (or so) different ways. Things like safety, productivity, employee orientation and training in general were controlled (or not) at the local level. As you might guess the results were spotty.

The implementation of warehouse management software and the development of a defined mission statement were important steps along the way. Most importantly, the Director recognized that the employees needed to really internalize these changes. To make that happen, he decided to implement a structured training program.

Enter KMI Learning and our partner Kibler and Associates. Working closely with our client, we implemented that training program built around powerful, engaging online content that taught skills, proper procedures and safety.

The learning strategy is rounded out with KMI’s LMS that provides a platform for delivery of all training as well as incorporated custom tracking, reporting, notification and certification.

The Online Training Academy immediately became a central part of the overall program:

  • Accidents on the job were reduced by 50% within the first year.
  • The company is fully OSHA compliant.
  • The company is now retaining its best workers, verifiable through their training records.
  • Workers are learning their jobs faster with savings of 2-5 days in getting new employees up to speed.
  • Testing is now uniform across the company with mandatory passing scores.