Product Oversight KMI Learning

The Challenge

This 24/7 financial services provider had delivered Product Oversight training to their employees and were greeted with very positive results. A year later they came to KMI to produce a refresher follow-up course focusing on key learning points. The original training was fun and light-hearted and the client wished a similar experience only in a more condensed package.

The Solution

The original training used live action video. A single actor played three characters: the narrator,one exhibiting good behavior and one exhibiting bad behavior. We found that the bad behavior character, Frank, possessed the most interesting personality and had the most potential to inject fun and learning into the learning. Our solution was to develop a story-line for the trouble Frank had found himself following the initial training and his ensuing redemption. To introduce the Frank we began with a slow zoom in on the original training being played on a client computer, exactly as trainees would have experienced it. Then an animated, illustrated version of Frank popped-out from behind the course window saying to the camera, “Remember me?” Frank interacted with the office environment, jumping out of the monitor to the desk and using the computer as a visual aid all while the original training played muted in the background.

Product Oversight KMI Learning



Since the final product was a very cinematic experience we decided to produce hand-drawn storyboards for most shots in the course. By doing so we could get the greatest impact from the character while being judicious in the complexity of animation. You’ll see we stayed quite true to the original storyboard when you view the final screenshots of the course below.

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The Outcome

The client was very pleased with the results and the ability to extend a successful training campaign. Metrics are still being monitored.



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