Team Understanding

The Challenge

Team dynamics are essential to this client’s daily business operations and they desired a course that could easily and quickly accommodate all levels of team composition, company-wide. The client came with just two major requirements: an education portion with exercises to reinforce the learning objectives and an area where users can evaluate a group’s current phase. One area of flexibility we were afforded was the freedom to be light-hearted and even quirky in the delivery approach. This is a unique luxury for our designers and one that we would not let go to waste.

The Solution

KMI’s designers quickly went to work brainstorming and free-associating ideas with unique twists. The fruits of our labor resulted in a soccer team metaphor emphasizing team building relationships between the athletes and their team captain. Soccer, or football, is a globally relatable sport that’s an area of much affection by many. In order to further advance the creative design we developed a fun paper cutout style for the soccer team. This was also a cost-effective solution as we could use simple stock imagery to achieve the desired effect.

For the second part of the course, we developed a Diagnostic Tool that would identify and evaluate a user’s current phase of team development and offer next step guidance on successfully progressing the team forward. The tool asks the user to answer sixteen questions on a Likert scale and provides very detailed results and tailored feedback.

Team understanding


Complex Interactions Made Simple

The concept is simple enough. Let the user enter the minds of each member of a team and ask them to identify the phase the team is in. But things are never that simple. Quickly our design team realized there is a lot of information that needs to be made available. Each team member’s internal monologue was too lengthy to fit on-screen at once. We also wanted to make a full comprehensive review of the phases available without leaving the activity and, still, there needed to be screen space for the questions and choices. Our team came up with clever collapsible windows and handy hover-states and arranged them into a clean, compact design. Finally, we needed to make the user aware that all these goodies are available at their fingertips. Intuitive and simple enough to require little explanation we give brief instruction in three small callouts when the first question is introduced.

Team understanding ten minutes
Team understanding ten minutes

The Outcome

The Team Understanding in Ten Minutes course has been heralded for its’ brief and succinct qualities as well as it’s playful tone. However, maybe the most measured and gratifying result is the lasting effects of the Diagnostic Tool. Employees are returning to the course to track their teams’ progress and revisit the tool as new teams are forged. This may be the greatest legacy that this little gem of a course has achieved.


The Diagnostic Tool

Below is a brief tour through the Diagnostic Tool. The full evaluation only takes minutes and results in a wealth of detailed and useful knowledge.

Team understanding Diagnostic tool
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Team understanding