vita-internal revenue service

The Challenge

Normally, the KMI LMS is centered around courses and the related completion data (scoring, certificates, etc.). Government contractor Epsilon Systems was given the job by the IRS of creating a certification program with very specific requirements. Epsilon turned to KMI. The LinkLearn or VITA/TCE Certification program required a substantial change in the flow of the KMI LMS application: 1) Courses that launch immediately into assessments which are housed inside the same browser window for a seamless experience; 2) Population of an industry-standard IRS certification, or “Volunteer Agreement”, which shows scores on the applicable assessments; 3) Randomly generated assessments from a pool of questions; 4) The ability to ‘track’ which questions are presented to each user as to not present the same question list on subsequent attempts; and 5) Handle efficiently the use of the site by 25,000 simultaneous users.

The Solution

First, it was necessary for KMI to create a mechanism that allowed for a course to transparently and immediately move the user to a post-assessment. This was utilized as an option on a per-course basis to allow for the standard course types to continue to be used. In creating this option, we also built in a custom AJAX assessment player window that allowed for the assessment to ‘overlay’ within the current browser window. A function to allow users to digitally sign their “Volunteer Agreement” was put in place, as well as the ability to pass the user’s scores to populate the document. Since LinkLearn users were limited to 2 attempts on each assessment, and their requirement was to not pass the same question to a user upon a second attempt, KMI created a custom question pool which allowed for each question to be assigned an “A” question and a “B” question. Which question was presented to each user was tracked in the database to prevent redundancy. A modern, scalable hardware solution was put in place to handle the high number of users.
VITA/TCE Central
VITA/TCE Central

The Outcome

Each modification to the core KMI LMS software was received successfully both by Epsilon Systems, and the nearly 200,000  users each year of the Link Learn Certification Program. The KMI solutions put in place allowed for fantastic user experience. From the design of the site and tests to the functionality of digitally signing each user’s “Volunteer Agreement” and auto-populating with personal information and test data, each aspect of the project provided the user base with an overall pleasant, swift, and easy-to-use experience. In 2020 the contract to maintain the LinkLearn system was won by another government contractor. That company has chosen to stay with the KMI LMS.