The Challenge

Live courses offered through Accenture Academy were presented via dated technology. Registrants were required to use a phone to enter a conference call while simultaneously using a web browser to view the visual aspect of the presentation. Accenture expressed an interest in deploying a technology which would unify these components in order to simplify the process of joining a live course.

The Solution

KMI worked with Accenture towards LMS integration of Adobe Connect with Accenture Academy. We deployed the Adobe Connect software to a dedicated server within our cloud and reconfigured our live courses to communicate with Connect over its API. Since Connect maintains its own list of user accounts we also developed mechanisms which map LMS user accounts to Connect user accounts. This ensures that users who have been approved in the LMS to access a live course can enter the Connect session seamlessly, without requiring another login.

The Outcome

Although the Adobe Connect software is a 3rd party product, users of Accenture Academy experience it as an integrated part of the Academy. Entering a live course is now as easy as clicking a link. From an administrative perspective, administration of web conferences has also been simplified because all resources needed for a Connect session are automatically configured by eLMS when the course provider sets up a live learning event.