Become a Contributing Project Team Member


This toolkit delivers the following outcomes:

  • Identify the performance measures you will use to determine project performance
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your decision making capabilities
  • Know what your customers need and what you can do to meet these needs
  • Share with others what idea or course of action you think is best
  • Know how to navigate people relationships and within the organization’s structure
  • Know the competition and how it compares to your company’s products and services
  • Learn how to compose clear and concise emails for any audience
  • Understand past problems and plan for their potential impact on the project
  • Identify potential risks for any project

Toolkit bundle contains the following courses:

  • Performance Measures for Performance
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Meeting Customer Needs
  • Share What You Think is Best
  • Navigate within the Organization Structure
  • Know the Competition
  • Clear and Concise Emails
  • Understand Past Project Issues
  • Potential Project Risks