Building Your Leadership Skills


This toolkit delivers the following outcomes:

  • Keep your customers informed of key information, progress and status updates
  • Actively seek the thoughts and opinions of others in key situations
  • Demonstrate good judgment for how creative ideas and suggestions will work
  • Perform an integrity review on your actions and behaviors
  • Use a process for managing conflict with others
  • Identify someone who is good at conflict management who you can learn from
  • Evaluate how inspiring your words and actions are to others
  • Become a powerful and inspirational role model to others
  • Identify what you need to do differently to effectively contribute to the organization strategy
  • Select the actions you will take to lead the organization’s vision and strategy

Toolkit bundle contains the following courses:

  • Keeping Customers Informed
  • Seek Out the Ideas and Opinions of Others
  • Show Good Judgment Regarding Creative Ideas
  • Integrity Review
  • Manage Conflict with Others
  • Learn From a Conflict Management Expert
  • How Inspiring Are You?
  • Be a Powerful and Inspirational Role Model
  • Contributing to the Organization Strategy
  • Support the Organization’s Vision and Strategy