Leading the Organization Strategy


This toolkit delivers the following outcomes:

  • Identify and share what you expect from your employees
  • Show employees how they support the organization’s goals and strategy
  • Create the connection between company objectives and employees’ core work
  • Determine what the team can do to help meet the team’s goals and achieve the organization strategy
  • Evaluate the success of projects based on how well it moved the company towards its vision and strategy
  • Encourage the capturing and sharing of best practices and lessons learned
  • Show employees you trust them to support the organization’s goals and strategy
  • Ask a leader to discuss the company’s upcoming strategy and changes with your team

Toolkit bundle contains the following courses:

  • Integrity Expectations
  • How Employees Support Organization Goals
  • Connecting Work to Company Objectives
  • Meeting Goals and Achieving the Strategy
  • Connecting Work Projects to the Vision
  • Capture and Share Best Practices
  • Trust Others to Drive the Strategy
  • A Leader’s Thoughts on Strategy