Onboarding New Employees


This toolkit delivers the following outcomes:

  • New employees know exactly what they can expect from you as a manager
  • New hires learn what work they must do and what they must achieve in the first few weeks on-the-job
  • Team members introduce themselves to the new hire
  • Managers learn what will create a great work situation for each new employee
  • New employees learn how they fit in with the team and how they can contribute to the organization
  • New hires learn what their peers wished they had known when starting their own job
  • New hires learn from co-workers why it’s great to work for the team and the company
  • Team members discuss the team’s overall purpose and deliverables with the new hire
  • Know what skills and knowledge the new hire must build to be successful in the new role
  • New employees receive frequent coaching and information to ensure the right work is done at the right time
  • New hires have a network of resources for coaching, feedback and skill building
  • New employees are reconnected to the work they must do and achieve
  • New employees receive feedback on what they’ve done so far and learn what they must do in the future
  • New hires explore how they can grow and develop within the company
  • Team members help new hires build a network of people within the company
  • Managers receive feedback from their new hires
  • New hires receive a review of their performance since starting their new job
  • New hires get clear on the work and challenges that lie ahead

Toolkit bundle contains the following courses:

  • New Hire Expectations of a Manager
  • First Weeks’ Deliverables
  • Team Members Introduce Themselves
  • Great Work Situations for New Hires
  • Learning a New Role
  • We Wish We Had Known
  • Learning from Co-Workers
  • Teams Share with New Hires
  • New Hires Build New Skills
  • Coaching New Hires
  • New Hires Get Coaching From Others
  • Reconnect Employees to Individual Work
  • Feedback for New Hires
  • Exploring Professional Development
  • New Hires Build a Professional Network
  • Feedback from New Hires
  • New Hire Performance Review
  • Work and Challenges in the Future