Powerlift® – Complete Training Program

PowerLift® is a comprehensive and sustainable training system that has trained nearly 500,000 employees at over 800 organizations!

The goal of PowerLift® is to eliminate strain/sprain injuries sustained by workers while performing material handling tasks.

How it works:

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    Site License Fee allows certified trainers to conduct unlimited training sessions and utilize training material at no additional cost for a period of two years.

    • 999 $
    • 1249 $
    • 1499 $

    After completing the Train the Trainer course, trainees will be certified PowerLift trainers.

    • 2000 $

    Where will the live onsite training session be held?

    Please indicate a desired date for scheduling your live onsite training session. This is only a tentative selection and will need to be coordinated and verified with our training professionals.

    The onsite Train-the-Trainer includes training for 10 certified trainers. If you need more than 10 please add additional licenses here. (max of 15 per training session)

    • 200 $

    The online train-the-trainer requires a minimum of three certified trainers per facility. If you need more than three please add additional licenses here.

    • 150 $

    Please enter the email addresses of your train-the-trainer trainees.

    Click here to learn more about this 20-minute highly interactive and engaging eLearning module that can be used either as new-hire or refresher training.

    The Online Overview can be delivered from your LMS or ours. It will enable you to track and record employee performance.

    Note: bulk discounts are available for 50+ seat purchases

    • 25.95 $

    Physical PowerLift® materials help keep proper lifting technique top-of-mind for you and your employees.

    • 49 $
    • 5.99 $


Three steps to a complete safe-lifting program:

Online Training for Employees

Online PowerLift® Training Module

This unique and engaging online module will give your staff an overview of the PowerLift® lifting, bending and reaching system. It can be used as a freestanding module or as part of a blended learning program with the Train-the-Trainer packages. Easy to create downloadable reports will show who has completed the module, and how well they did on the assessment. Additionally, KMI will assist in creating accounts for all your employees. The module is available in both English and Spanish.

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