Project Management for Managers


This toolkit delivers the following outcomes:

  • Identify how you will involve the team in planning the project
  • Create a compelling and concise branding statement for your project
  • Identify the individuals who must be informed and updated on the project plan
  • Determine the tools and resources you will use to effectively plan your project
  • Learn how to confidently articulate the positive attributes and benefits of your ideas
  • Ensure your project plan has the key components required for success
  • Set team expectations for reporting and sharing project and task status
  • Determine how quick and informative project information will be delivered from the team
  • Discuss with the team why problems and difficult information must be shared right away
  • Actively monitor the current status of your project
  • Use objective criteria to evaluate proposed agreements
  • Strengthen your ability to advocate for interests rather than positions
  • Stay open to various and creative solutions
  • Avoid getting personal by keeping the focus on issues, not individuals
  • Implement negotiation strategies to cope with difficult or unethical individuals
  • Consider both the impact and likelihood project risks will materialize
  • Know how to respond to project risks appropriately
  • Minimize the consequences of adverse situations on the project

Toolkit bundle contains the following courses:

  • Team Involvement in Planning
  • Brand and Promote Your Project
  • Project Plan Updates
  • Planning Tools and Resources
  • Articulate the Attributes of Your Ideas
  • Essential Project Plan Components
  • Status Reporting Expectations
  • Sharing Essential Project Information
  • Sharing Problems Right Away
  • Monitor Project Status
  • Objectively Evaluate Proposals
  • Advocate for Interests
  • Be Open to Different Solutions
  • Focus on the Issues vs. Individuals
  • Negotiating with Difficult People
  • The Likelihood of Project Risk
  • Responding to Project Risk
  • Minimize the Consequences