Stay Interview Toolkit


This toolkit delivers the following outcomes:

  • Know what is a Stay Interview and why you should perform them with employees you want to keep
  • Discover how to effectively prepare for your stay interviews
  • Be able to strengthen your ability to listen to your employees
  • Know what note-taking methods are best for you
  • Find out how to use probing in your Stay Interviews
  • Learn how to take responsibility for company decisions
  • Build your skills to manage the stay interview with different types of employees
  • Learn how to create a successful stay plan with your employees
  • Know how to close your Stay Interview and forecast retention risk.
  • Find out how to avoid the Stay Interview Preparation Traps
  • Learn how to avoid the Stay Interview Meeting Traps
  • Understand what you must do to avoid the Stay Interview Post Interview Traps

Toolkit bundle contains the following courses:

  • Introduction to the Stay Interview
  • Preparing to Conduct Stay Interviews
  • Essential Stay Interview Skill #1: Listening
  • Essential Stay Interview Skill #2: Take Notes
  • Essential Stay Interview Skill #3: Probing
  • Essential Stay Interview Skill #4: Taking Responsibility
  • Managing the Stay Interview
  • Developing a Stay Plan
  • Closing and Forecasting
  • Avoiding Stay Interview Preparation Traps
  • Avoiding Stay Interview Meeting Traps
  • Avoiding Stay Interview Post Interview Traps