This Human Resources Training organization had developed a highly successful, multi-day classroom training session on a proprietary effective interviewing process. Though the classroom training was effective, the client realized that it was not a scalable model, and, in fact, their customers were clamoring for an online virtual learning environment version. They first tried to create a very simple e-Learning conversion of their classroom content. They recognized that this version did not do justice to the outstanding content nor did it offer multi-device delivery. They wanted a virtual learning environment that offered creative and innovative design, interactivities and multi-device delivery. And, they wanted it all within a very tight budget.

KMI took the existing online course, evaluated it for instructional design, graphic and navigational effectiveness and level of interactivity. We then made specific recommendations as to how we would approach each of these elements. The course was then adapted, refined and altered to create an exceptional virtual learning environment of interactive instructional design using engaging testing and scenario techniques. Additionally, we used HTML5 to enable the course to be delivered across platforms, whether PCs, Android or iOS.

The client has been pleased to see a large increase in customer registrations for the online virtual learning environment version in concert with very positive feedback. Not only has this added revenue for our client but it has added value for their customers. And, even more exciting, many customers are now requesting customized versions that reflect their specific company and related scenarios wedding them even more closely to the proprietary content.

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Brian Hoffsis

Brian Hoffsis

Since 1999 Brian has been writing, photographing and designing for both digital and print media. In addition to 3D, web, graphic and logo design Brian specializes in instructional illustration, diagramming and animation.