Personalization is a big deal in eLearning. But do we really know the learning styles of our users?

Depending on your theoretical reference, there are as many as 7 different learning styles. Your learning style not only determines how you learn, it is also very likely to be the most enjoyable and efficient path for you to acquire new knowledge.

The idea that there are different learning styles is not new. The concept was first proposed in the seventies (Wikipedia) when scientists realized that people are unique in the ways they learn. Using one teaching method for everyone cannot yield maximum success for the whole. Despite the age of the idea, learning styles still seem to lie outside of the educational system, and not many people take them into consideration.

Oddly enough, many people are actually aware of the concept of learning styles. It’s even likely to have popped up in a meeting once or twice. But mostly, the training departments of companies and organizations do not actually take serious stock in considering learning styles. In fact, acknowledging the existence of learning styles seems to stop short of actually incorporating them into their training programs. And this is the very point at which a serious look at learning styles can dramatically increase efficiency and improve safety.

Beyond the measurable ROI, developing a training program that includes learning styles gives authenticity and credibility to a much-abused employer branding statement: “treating people as unique employees”.

This post really is about you. What is your learning style? How do you get the most out of training? And when was the last time your employer tried to make the training about you?

Here are the content examples for the different learning styles, just click the image to check them out!