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Basic Shouldn't be Good Enough

eLearning courses on general human resource topics are commonplace. You can easily find general courses on leadership, career development, interviewing skills, business continuity, diversity, application training, and many other related topics.  But, these courses are just that- generalized, common and non- specific. Really, just basic.

For companies that are attuned to their very specific organizational culture, vision, processes, and employees, basic is simply not good enough.


Your Learning

Experiential activities: custom courseware can demonstrate real-life examples, examples that reflect the particular workplace. These examples provide a safe way for employees to practice scenarios that they may actually encounter.

 Global customization: for companies with vast and disparate workforces, custom development provides the opportunity to demonstrate the nuances of each global location.

Targeted learning: learning can be focused on very finite and specific topics relevant to your organization. This means your learning will have greater impact, induce successful behavioral change and address the actual needs of your organization.

Present sensitive and potentially fear-inducing topics in a non-threatening but memorable way: through creative design approaches and use of animations, such topics can be produced in a way that is engaging and memorable yet not frightening.

Learning that speaks to your business and learning objectives and your learning gaps: custom eLearning provides content that you and your learners actually need and want. It is not restricted to common or generalized topics.

Business Continuity
Custom eLearning for HR

So whether your company needs online learning to show:

Any other human resources topics.
How to manage social media.
How to identify, coach and development high potential employees.
How to understand and choose benefits and encourage personal financial growth.
How to use your custom software applications and tools.
How to support and manage diversity.
How to perform job functions, improve job skills and develop a career development path.
How to manage your client relationships.
Custom elearning will provide that not so basic training in a compelling and transformative way. Maybe it is time to stop trying to fit off-the-shelf learning to your organization but rather create eLearning that truly reflects your organization.
Custom eLearning
course development

MEANS . . .

. . . more than slapping your logo on the banner and having a CEO video introduce a bunch of generic, stock photo, bullet point laden… uhhh… stuff. Great custom eLearning course development reflects your unique culture and vision in a meaningful way to the learner. By investing in your own brand and using your own language, user engagements become more relevant, more meaningful, and have a greater impact on retention.

The Foundation of Amazing Content

Creative Vision

Work with an Award Winning creative team.

You are part of the process – get involved in storyboarding, character development, and audio/video casting calls.

Custom gamification, simulations, and interactivity designed around your message.


Innovative Design and Technology

HTML5 – watch on any device, anywhere.

SCORM, AICC, and xAPI – develop your course to do, track, and analyze anything.
Small, chunk learning. Scenario branching. Testing and surveys.
Developed for any production level and budget.


Outstanding Customer Service

A proven track record: courseware that works!

A professional, attentive staff to help support and manage your initiatives.

A flexible, dynamic approach that can apply to any industry, any company, any content.


Mobile Learning

Build Business that Moves
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Mobile Learning

Featured Case Study

Global Induction

BG Group, a UK based gas and oil company, needed an eLearning module to orient newly hired employees. KMI developed a virtual 3-D gallery where learners are greeted by live-action presenters who quickly orient them to the space and introduce some of the key learning themes. There are rooms for learners to explore the Group’s history, the scope of its operations, its global reach and its operating philosophy. The course has been deployed in three BG Group languages using KMI’s multi-language architecture. The course was very well received and it sets a very high production standard and we at KMI are as proud as we can be of the work.

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Welcome Gallery
Global Induction


Natural Resources and Utilities
Warehouse and Distribution
Medical Products
Media and Communication


Supply Chain Management
Security Awareness
Ethics and Compliance
Sales Training
Product Training
Leadership and Management
Policies and Procedures

KMI Learning Production Process
KMI/Client – Initial Discovery
KMI – Finalize Specifications
KMI – Proposal/SoW
KMI/Client – Review SoW and Discuss Creative Approach, Functionality Requirements
KMI/Client – This may be part of Kickoff Phase
KMI/Client – Reviews and Feedback Concepts for Client Approval
KMI – Script Approx 5-14 days; Revise 3-4 days. Client – Provide feedback-one round of changes included – 2 days
KMI – Storyboard (alpha & beta) One round of changes included. Approx 8-14 days; Revise: 3-5 days. Client – Provide feedback-one round of changes included; 3 days
KMI – Alpha development; 10-20 days Client – Provide Alpha feedback one round of changes; 3 day-review
KMI – Beta development; 5-10 days Client – Provide BETA review feedback – one round of changes: no coding, audio, video or course architecture changes; 3 day – review
KMI – Final Course files; 3 days Client – Final sign-off on course; 3 days-review

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KMI Learning provides our clients with the expertise and technology they need to deploy, market and manage great outward-facing Online Academies and inward-facing employee learning programs.

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