White Label LMS

Why Not?

It’s your brand, your content, they are your learners… your KMI LMS implementation should look like you. It’s not complicated; it’s the way it should be; it’s the way it is with the KMI white label Learning Management System.


Extended Enterprise

Custom LMS

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Why a White Label LMS?

First and foremost your brand is the most important. No need for “Powered By…” with another company’s logo to add even the smallest amount of confusion or dilution of your message. This is nowhere more true than in extended enterprise eLearning. They are your customers and you shouldn’t have to share the credit with anyone else.

It’s literally true that your success is our success. That’s not just marketing babble. A good white label LMS partner like KMI gives you the benefit of years of experience and access to our exceptional support and development staff while you focus on what you do. Our team works behind the scenes to support your audience and to constantly improve our white label LMS.

If you’re contemplating an extended enterprise LMS (or outward-facing LMS) for use by your customers or the general public you will obviously want the site to reflect your company’s brand. Let’s face it, you’re offering this for a reason. And, you want your customers to know that they’re getting these courses from you – not your provider.

But, many trainers don’t realize that their in-house LMS can – and should! – be White Labeled, too. Their learner’s impression and comfort on the site will be affected by their familiarity with everything from colors, logos, and layout to navigation and company speak.

Retail websites follow best practices in web design because their customers are more likely to spend time and money on a website that they are comfortable with. These same practices should apply to an LMS as well. An employee’s ability to learn will be greatly enhanced by a familiar and intuitive interface.

Here are just a few of our white label LMS implementations.

There are many points of interest on an LMS that can be enhanced with your company’s brand. A good provider should, at a minimum, offer the following:

  • The URL, or Domain: Some LMS providers will have your learners go to the provider’s site to log in. Most will offer a co-branded URL along the lines of: http://”yourcompanyname”.”providerscompanyname”.com.
    A true white label e-learning platform provider will allow you to use the URL of your choosing.
  • The Theme, or Look and Feel: This includes logos, colors, language and, to some extent, layout. Here, you want to make sure the site seems like an integrated part of your brand. If you succeed here, your learners will feel at ease with the site and be able to completely focus on the coursework without distraction, no matter how subtle.
  • The Login Page: The login page is the learner’s introduction to the site. Here, your company’s logo should be featured prominently on the page. Any imagery should adhere to your company’s style guides.
  • Custom Pages: Quite often, you will find that you have need for a page that can’t be accommodated within the framework of the LMS. These may be pages that are only available to logged in users, or they may be landing pages that bring a user into the LMS.
  • Personalized Emails: Most LMS’s will occasionally send emails to users for course registrations, webinar reminders, course completions or even password resets. These emails should be fully customized and have a custom reply-to email address.
  • Branded Certificates: Certificates for completed and passed courses should also be branded for your company.
    As you go through the process of building out your LMS, you will probably find other elements that need to be customized. A good LMS provider will work with you to make sure this is as painless a process as possible.

Key Features

  • White Label Branding
  • Highly Scalable
  • E-Commerce Capable
  • Programs, Certification & C.E. Tracking
  • Mobile Ready
  • Simple Administration
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Any Course Type
  • Assessments and Evaluations
  • Multi-Tenant Capable
  • Group-Based Content Management
  • API / WebService Support
  • Custom Integrations & Single-Sign-On
  • We welcome custom development

It really is all about You
…And Your Brand

So we understand that you’re looking for a Learning Management System (LMS) that features you. Your own look. Your own feel. Your unique content. Your specific colors. Your organization’s preferred font(s). Your corporation’s style(s). Most importantly, you want – and perhaps even need – an LMS that features and reflects your brand, and your brand alone. It sounds like you want to work with a White Label LMS. And we get it. We know that your audience is made of the people who experience you: your customers, clients, and essentially anyone who comes into contact with your LMS.

So why would you ever share screen real estate with anyone else? Who really cares who it’s ‘powered by’?

The simple and truthful answer: You wouldn’t. Because, well… Nobody.

It’s a fact that KMI Learning comprehends well, and respects deeply. They are your audience and users. And they need to recognize your LMS as easily as they recognize your brand. Which is why KMI Learning builds white label LMS that features only your logo and branding. After all, why dilute or confuse the message with ‘powered by’ or any other company’s logo. There’s no need to. So at KMI Learning, we leave those distractions out.

A white label LMS means that when your users encounter your LMS, they encounter you. They experience the qualities and characteristics that make your company unique. Your LMS should reflect the attributes that set your brand apart from everyone else, and KMI Learning’s white label LMS strives to create just that.

We’re at your service, and we invite you to utilize our white label LMS. The power behind our LMS is two-fold. We’ll start with an exceptional creative design and development team. We work closely with you to ensure that all content is presented in such a way as to speak the way you do as a company. We know that the devil is in the details, and no detail is left out: colors, fonts, styles, sound, use of language – even the tone of voice – are taken into careful consideration. Your content is delivered to your learners in any one of a variety of ways, all of which are designed to be relevant, while also being highly relatable.

An LMS is only ever as good as its technical support team, and KMI’s is world-class. Rest assured, your LMS is supported by a dedicated team with decades of experience. Our team works behind the scenes to ensure a smooth, seamless, top-notch experience for you, your audience and all your users. You need to know that we are specialists in the outward facing or extended enterprise LMS.

Our white label LMS is by no means a static entity. Whether we’re talking about our development roadmap or are building a custom LMS just for you.holding on to the status quo while technology develops and changes around us borders on the foolish. Wisdom dictates that we constantly move to improve our LMS. And that’s also part of the partnership between us. As your company grows and changes, we do as well. You can count on us to adapt our LMS to serve your needs and they grow and change over time. Why? All the better to support your brand as though it were our own.

We acknowledge that there’s a lot of marketing mumbo-jumbo out there today. And it’s easy to get sucked into it. But when we say that we win when you win, it’s not just words, or an empty promise. We take pride in knowing that our customers and clients enjoy the benefits of our ability to serve you well. Because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter who it’s ‘powered by’.

And at the end of the day, it’s your brand, and your LMS should reflect that.