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Extended Enterprise

Is there PROFIT to be made from your eLearning program?

Extended Enterprise eLearning. Could you turn your customers into product experts, your audience into advocates, and your content into revenue? See how KMI Learning can help you make money, even millions, with an outward facing online eLearning academy.




Workforce Training

Do you want to take your training to the NEXT LEVEL?

Could your workplace be safer, your employees more loyal and productive, and your company more secure?  KMI Learning is here to help with a great LMS, consulting services, custom content development services and other award-winning custom eLearning solutions.




Custom Development

Is your eLearning content INSPIRING your learners?

A great learning program needs great content, content that changes behaviors, content that learners love. That’s what we build, great custom eLearning. It takes more than slapping your logo on the page to make it really yours, with your message.


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Responsive and streamlined,

the new KMI Learning LMS is as powerful as ever but very easy to use. User experience has been our focus and elegant simplicity is the result.

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Learning that Inspires

We at KMI Learning believe that great customized eLearning solutions do not only include the processes, culture and values of a business. Exceptional eLearning development needs to focus on the audience, because ultimately it is them that you want to understand and embody your message.


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"KMI LMS saved my business from disaster!"

Not only was KMI the only LMS that entertained the development of our custom features, they actually were excited by the project and took it to a level that greatly exceeded our expectations. The KMI team treated our project as if it were their own business. Often times we’d spell out a particular feature and they’d come back with suggestions that we hadn’t even considered to make it better in some way. And in the end we ended up with a website/LMS that blew us away!

Steven Stark, Principal at UBTS

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About KMI

KMI Learning provides our clients with the expertise and technology they need to deploy, market and manage great outward-facing Online Academies and inward-facing employee learning programs.

KMI Learning

Custom eLearning Development

Custom eLearning development is vital for effective, behavior changing learning.  Your organizational culture, vision and brand messages need to be interwoven into your training wherever possible. The more relevant and recognizable your training is, the greater the learner engagement and motivation. This applies not only to custom content development but also the Learning Management System (LMS)  you employ. KMI provides not only the custom development services but the white label LMS that looks and feels like, and frankly is, a part of your organization.

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