Why would I not choose KMI?2021-10-18T17:30:06-04:00
  • You want a solution that is greater than an LMS; CMS, Talent Management, Succession Planning, etc.
  • You want WYSIWYG tools to design the site and layout yourself
  • You want an automated, hands-off approach to get up and running
Why should I choose KMI?2021-10-18T17:30:17-04:00
  • You want to work with a trusted partner to help develop, deploy, and maintain your product offering for the long term
  • You value hands-on customer support
  • You have specific needs for your business and branding that can’t be met with standard off-the-shelf offerings
When was KMI Learning founded?2021-09-23T08:35:52-04:00

The company was founded as Knowledge Management Interactive, Inc. on February 14, 2000

What technolgies are used in your LMS development?2021-09-24T16:08:44-04:00

The KMI LMS is a Single Page Application with the application layer developed in HTML5 and JavaScript. Contact us for a more detailed description.

What is your LMS pricing?2023-03-01T16:59:14-05:00

Pricing is negotiated on a client-by-client basis. Setup fees for most implementations will run between $5k-$10k. Ongoing monthly or quarterly fees will generally be based on one of these models:

  • Monthly user-based fees start at $3.20/active user/month
  • Transactional fees which are a percentage of a content sale
  • Negotiated flat rate

Customizations and enhancements are billed at an hourly rate.

What is that thing in your logo? Is it a book, a laptop, an arrow?2021-09-23T11:48:09-04:00

Ummmm. Dunno. I suppose it’s whatever you want it to be.

What is an extended enterprise LMS?2021-09-23T09:45:02-04:00

Extended enterprise refers to outward-facing learning as opposed to inward-facing or corporate learning programs. Our clients need to deploy learning to audiences outside of their own companies. Typically this is content for sale, product training, or professional development for diverse audiences.

What is a white label LMS?2021-09-23T09:45:51-04:00

White label refers to the branding and look and feel of the LMS. Our clients want their LMS implementation to reflect their own brand, not ours.

Is your LMS scaleable?2021-09-30T07:20:02-04:00

It sure is. Our clients’ implementations range from a few dozen learners to a few million.

Is your LMS mobile friendly?2021-10-18T17:21:18-04:00

Yes. The KMI LMS is fully responsive, meaning it can be used on any device and any operating system with modern browsers.

Is my LMS part of a KMI Multi-Tenant system?2023-03-01T16:58:22-05:00

No! Every KMI LMS implementation is a custom project with a private database. However, you can run your implementation as a multi-tenant system for your clients if you wish.

How many end-users are registered on the KMI LMS?2021-10-18T17:29:41-04:00

About 3.5 million.

How do you distinguish KMI from the competition?2021-09-30T07:21:50-04:00

Our competitive advantages are as follows:

  • A dedication to ease of use for both learners and admins
  • Very high levels of service and support
  • A willingness to tailor our product and processes to match unique customer requirements
How do you describe your development process?2021-09-24T17:04:43-04:00

KMI follows the agile development methodology with a bi-weekly sprint cycle. All client implementations follow this cycle so there is never a point of outdated code.

How do you define your target market?2021-10-18T17:28:41-04:00

Our target market is defined by a package of needs rather than by demographics like job title, industry, company size, etc. Our clients work with us because we are specialists in extended enterprise or outward-facing learning initiatives, we are willing to customize our LMS to fit specific workflows and we are committed to very high levels of customer service.

Do you support integrations? Single Sign On?2021-10-18T17:16:45-04:00

Yes! We use industry standards in sharing data through secure WebServices and SSO with SAML or OpenID Connect

Do you offer free demos of the KMI LMS?2021-09-30T07:08:16-04:00

Yes, we do. We have video demos and we’ll typically follow those with a demo call where we tour prospects around a bit. If we both feel like there’s a good fit, we’ll set up your own portal on our demo site where you can experience the LMS from both the end-user and admin perspectives. Click here to book a call on our calendar.

Can we migrate our existing LMS data?2021-10-18T17:23:59-04:00

Yes. The ease of the migration greatly depends on the quality of the data and often adds cost to the implementation.

Can I run a Multi-Tenant system?2021-10-18T17:26:46-04:00
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