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PowerLift® Material Handling Training Courses

PowerLift® Complete Program 1 Course
PowerLift® Online Overview Course 1 Course

Toolkits for Continued Learning

PowerLift® Video Safety Talks 50+ Videos
PowerLift® Retail Grocery Video Safety Talks 20+ Videos
PowerLift® Poster Bundle 6 Pack 6 Posters


“Using PowerLift® 13 years. Very effective program. In addition to lifting, they also teach ergonomics for hands/stretching.”

Dan Hirsch, 3M Engineering and Safety Manager

“This is a bold statement; we do not have back injuries in my plants.”

Jeff Fields, EH&S Director Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

“PowerLift® Training reduced OSHA recordable injuries from 15% to 5.5%.”

Brad Mason, USPS Regional Safety Manager
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Infrared Security Online Application Security Training for Developers

Online Application Security Training Bundle 10 Courses
OWASP Top Ten for Developers 1 Course
OWASP Top Ten for Managers 1 Course
Defensive Enterprise Remediation 1 Course
Threat Modeling 1 Course
Building Secure ASP.NET Applications 1 Course
Building Secure Mobile Applications 1 Course
Building Secure Java EE Applications 1 Course
Building Secure Javascript Applications 1 Course

Infrared General Security Awareness Course

General Security Awareness Training Course 50+ Videos


“My team was unexpectedly hit with a PCI audit by a potential Client, and our Application Security Training program really helped us shine.”
Director of Training – Credit Financial Services

“The development teams were extremely receptive to these training materials… not something we experienced in the past with our previous vendor.”

CISO – Investment Financial Services
“I’m seeing a measurable improvement in the secure development skills of my team after integrating Infrared training in our process.”
VP of Engineering – Automotive Services
Halfday Hazmat Training

Halfday Hazmat IATA & DOT Training Courses

Halfday Hazmat IATA Training Course 10 Courses
Halfday Hazmat DOT Training Course 1 Course
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MSHA Part 46 Surface Miner Safety Training

MSHA Part 46 Miner Safety Bundle 6 Courses
MSHA 46 Training: Hazard Communication 1 Course
MSHA 46 Training: PPE for Miners 1 Course
MSHA 46 Training: Workplace Examinations 1 Course
MSHA 46 Training: Electrical Safety 1 Course
MSHA 46 Training: Machine Guarding 1 Course
MSHA 46 Training: Miners’ Rights 1 Course