“Using PowerLift® 13 years. Very effective program. In addition to lifting, they also teach ergonomics for hands/stretching.”
Dan Hirsch, 3M Engineering and Safety Manager
“This is a bold statement; we do not have back injuries in my plants.”
Jeff Fields, EH&S Director Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
“PowerLift® Training reduced OSHA recordable injuries from 15% to 5.5%.”
Brad Mason, USPS Regional Safety Manager

Featured Courses

Online PowerLift® Training Module

This unique and engaging online module will give your staff an overview of the PowerLift® lifting, bending and reaching system. It can be used as a freestanding module or as part of a blended learning program with the Train-the-Trainer packages. The module is available in both English and Spanish.
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Ready-made Application Security Training

Stay ISO compliant with our advanced application security training for managers, developers, and architects. This program builds a solid and scalable educational foundation for your entire development team.
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HalfDay Hazmat: About the Program

Halfday Hazmat certifies Hazmat Employees to ship Dangerous Goods by Air. It includes the following sections: General Awareness and Familiarization, Safety, Security, and Function Specific. This certificate is valid for 24 months.
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MSHA 46 Courses

MSHA part 46 training is an online training program developed by the mine safety professionals at South Central College in Minnesota. There are currently six lessons, which cover surface miner training topics from the MSHA Part 46 standard.

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