Building Secure .NET Applications


Participants of this course will gain a foundational understanding of writing secure software on .NET based platforms.

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Duration: 1 hour of content, approximately 1.5 hour(s) to complete
Audience: Software Engineers and Software Architects
Overview: This course will provide participants with the secure programming practices necessary to build secure .NET applications resilient to frequent attacks, including but not limited to directory traversal, cross-site scripting, and injection. Finally, we will discuss several essential .NET security controls that can be used to mitigate some of the most prevalent attacks facing applications today.
Participants of this course will learn about the following vulnerabilities in .NET…
•HTTP Header Injection
•OS Injection
•SQL Injection
•Insufficient Certificate Validation
•Use of Insecure Ciphers
•Use of Insecure Digests
•XML External Entities
•Directory Traversal
•Cross-Site Scripting
•Insecure Deserialization
•Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities

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