Fulfills Security Awareness Compliance Requirements For: HIPPA, ISO/IEC 27001 & 27002, FISMA, NERC CIP, and many more.


People all over the world are using business networks to collaborate, communicate, and access data. Businesses, eager to increase productivity, have embraced the growing integration of network communications. Now more than ever, employees are far less dependent on their central office space to complete their work. Although this may provide benefits for both employees and employers, networkbased collaboration spaces corporate data within a broader environment that is difficult to protect.Infrared Security’s General Security Awareness course takes the participant through an average work day, from entering the work place to answering emails at home, and describes in detail the wide array of security risks employees face on a daily basis.
Viewers of this security awareness course will learn how to detect and mitigate everyday security threats through relateable scenarios as well as real world examples. Viewers can then evaluate their knowledge through a series of quiz questions provided at the end of the course. Quiz scores can be tracked and used to assess your employees knowledge of the material. Participants of this security awareness course will gain an understanding of the major risks inherent to their daily work environment; but more importantly, gain the confidence needed to be less susceptible to common security threats.
Do You Have Developers?
Are they coding secure applications? KMI Learning and Infrared Security offer a suite of courses for software developers and their managers.
Solid and Scalable Security Awareness Training
This course will provide participants with the tools necessary to recognize common workplace security risks including but not limited to network sniffing, social engineering, phishing, and data theft. In addition, the course will summarize several key security controls that can be used to mitigate some of the most prevalent attacks found in the modern workplace. Employees everywhere are using business networks to connect, collaborate, and access company data. Businesses, eager to increase productivity, have embraced the growing integration of network communications.
Employees are encouraged to take advantage of technology such as wireless devices and public hotspots. Now more than ever, employees are becoming less dependent on their central office space in order to complete their work. Meetings are done remotely, documents are signed electronically, and emails can be answered from pretty much anywhere. Although this may provide benefits to both employees and employers, network-based collaboration introduces introduces corporate data into a vast environment that is diverse and difficult to protect.


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Infrared Security and KMI Learning Offer a 10 Part General Security Awareness Training Course Including:
ENTERING THE BUILDING: Learn how to spot and mitigate a very common and overlooked attack known as Piggy-Backing.
ENTERING THE WORKSPACE: Learn to understand and identify the dangers of network monitoring via rogue devices.
LOGGING INTO WORKSTATION: Learn how to mitigate the possibility of a passerby attack with proper password handling and two-factor authentication systems.
INTERACTING WITH SOFTWARE: Gain a greater understanding of the risks associated with utilizing vulnerable machines including, phishing attacks and unintentionally installing malware.
INTERACTING WITH WEBSITES: Understand the risks associated with utilizing vulnerable websites not protected with TLS.
INTERACTING WITH SENSITIVE DATA: Gain a greater understanding of the risks associated with handling private company data on shared servers.
INTERACTING WITH PEOPLE: Learn how to spot and mitigate social engineering attacks in the workplace.
INTERACTING WITH FOREIGN NETWORKS: Understand the risks associated with utilizing insecure networks while handling company data.
INTERACTING WITH FOREIGN DEVICES: Gain a greater understanding of the risks associated with utilizing unknown devices such as mobile phones and thumb drives in the workplace.
WORKING REMOTELY: Understand the risks associated with utilizing personal devices to handle company data outside of the workplace.


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Custom Security Awareness Content

Your company has just endured yet another security breach. One of your employees left an open iPad on a table with friends at Starbucks. One of the friends jokingly sent an email to the employee’s entire department. The contents of that email were, shall we say, colorful.

The thing is you had conducted security awareness training for all employees. How could this employee have made such a silly mistake? Well, first of all the employee might make better choices in friends. But beyond that, why didn’t the training change the behavior? Why wasn’t this employee aware of potential security hazards?

Obviously, security awareness success is an effective combination of implementation of the technologies available to prevent compromises and appropriate human behaviors. While it may be tricky to keep pace with changing technology, it may be even trickier to impact the behaviors that can lead to security issues. Training is definitely a huge piece of this puzzle.

While there are many options available for generic off-the-shelf security awareness eLearning, these courses may not really address the specific security challenges of your organization. At one Financial Services organization, security of systems, processes, and information was critical to the corporation’s success and growth. And, security of clients’ information was a cornerstone of their corporate values. Because of the Company’s business, their security concerns were very specific. The Company faced a challenge: how to formalize these security awareness protocols so that it was easily accessible, consistent, adaptable and applicable across the global population. And, perhaps, most importantly, how to ensure that sharing this information would truly improve behaviors.

Creating an online training program that demonstrated the tools, behaviors, policies and procedures around security requirements provided an exciting, engaging and memorable vehicle for educating the corporate population, scalable and accessible across business units, departments and global offices. KMI Learning developed a series of rich eLearning modules, following a narrative scenario style that provided the underlying security foundation in a compelling way and that is accessible on –demand, to every employee world-wide. Not only that but the courses revolved around a set of characters that were relatable and were in situations that were unique to the Company. Employees saw themselves in these situations. They saw how the policies could and should be applied to their daily work life. They were able to practice decision-making and applying security awareness strategies within the modules with no ramifications for the Company. While these interactions were fun, they were also memorable, easily brought to mind when similar situations arose in real life.

As a result of this Security Awareness program, the Company has experienced a significant, quantifiable, positive change in employee behavior related to security. There has been a significant decrease in security breaches and improvement in routine security measures. And, employees are vested in the series, they anticipate the updates and look forward to seeing in what new situations the characters find themselves.

No longer would an employee not think about leaving an iPad untended!