A Great White Label Learning Management System (LMS) Tailored to Your Exact Requirements. KMI has over 20 years of experience working with nonprofits in a highly collaborative, partnership approach.


White Label LMS

Extended Enterprise

Custom LMS

A Highly Collaborative Partner

At KMI Learning, we are well attuned to the specific needs and challenges nonprofits face when it comes to meeting their internal and external training requirements. We have over 20 years of experience in working with nonprofits in a highly collaborative, partnership approach. It its core, the KMI LMS can handle all of your critical needs across multiple channels:

  • Run on-demand and live-event classroom or virtual training
  • Training your internal employees or open up content to external audiences, such as volunteers or community members
  • Create private groups of users for restrictive training or discussion

A full list of features can be found on our LMS page, but nonprofit organizations often need more from an engagement than just a solid platform. With KMI you can work collaboratively with a trusted partner in tackling your unique challenges:

  • Engage with a development partner to create solutions for specific business needs
  • Customize your KMI LMS implementation for appropriate branding, portals and audiences
  • Easy setup and management of user-groups and course content
  • Fully distributed administration across the organization
  • WCAG & 508 Compatible
  • FedRAMP Ready

Key Features

White Label Branding

In the world of nonprofits, it’s essential to have a distinct identity. Our Learning Management System (LMS) has been created with your organization’s unique needs in mind. You have the freedom to personalize it and make it your own. Additionally, our platform is highly flexible, giving you the option to seamlessly customize the style and incorporate your nonprofit’s color palette and font preferences. Using our LMS, nonprofits can create a personalized and branded learning experience that aligns with their mission and objectives. You can make your LMS reflect your nonprofit’s identity effortlessly and effectively.

“Partnership” Level Support

Nonprofits with partnership-level support usually have access to a dedicated support team that understands their organization’s unique context. This ensures that issues are addressed promptly and that nonprofits receive personalized assistance when needed. Partnership-level support goes beyond technical support and often includes strategic guidance. LMS providers at this level can offer insights and best practices on how nonprofits can maximize the impact of their training and educational efforts.

Multi-Tenant Ready

KMI’s LMS offers powerful multi-tenant capabilities tailored to nonprofits, allowing third-party course providers to participate in content creation and management. You can customize workflows and grant clients limited admin privileges. With custom domains and branding elements, KMI ensures a consistent brand presence within your LMS, streamlining operations and enhancing the learning experience.

Mobile Ready

KMI’s LMS is fully mobile-ready, optimized for any device. This ensures ease of use and convenience for your nonprofit’s staff and users. With a “mobile-first” approach to UI development, KMI prioritizes accessibility and flexibility in today’s fast-paced world. We welcome custom development projects.

Easy to Use

At KMI, we understand that ease of use is not just for learners; it’s equally crucial for administrators. We believe that admin tasks should be straightforward because, let’s face it, admins are people too.

With our LMS, simplicity is key. We’ve taken steps to ensure that administrators don’t need to go through a labyrinth of 18 clicks on seven different pages just to make a course go live. We’ve all seen those cumbersome LMS platforms (you know who you are), but KMI is different. We prioritize user-friendliness, making it easy for both learners and administrators to navigate the system efficiently.

Highly Scalable

Whether your nonprofit has a few dozen users or needs to accommodate a couple of million, the KMI LMS is designed to meet your scaling requirements effortlessly. Our LMS is versatile and adaptable, ensuring it can seamlessly handle any number of users you need it to support. Your organization can grow without limitations, and our LMS will scale with you every step of the way, providing a reliable and robust solution for nonprofits of all sizes.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Reporting is pivotal for nonprofits seeking an LMS, and

Effective reporting tools are crucial for nonprofits seeking an LMS. They enable data-driven decision-making, assess training impact, and ensure compliance. Robust reporting empowers nonprofits to track progress, optimize resources, and demonstrate accountability to stakeholders, ultimately enhancing the organization’s impact and success in achieving its mission.

KMI understands these needs. Our platform offers an intuitive report builder and a graphical dashboard, simplifying the process of tracking progress and outcomes.

Flexible Conent

The KMI LMS provides a versatile platform for creating content in a variety of formats. You can build content using SCORM 1.2 files, plain documents, videos, or external links. Additionally, you can run classroom live events or add virtual information for events on popular platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, GoToMeetings, or MS Teams. This makes it easy to host virtual events that are engaging and interactive. Furthermore, the KMI LMS supports light integrations with Google Drive and Office 365, which simplifies course development and management. With these features, you can create courses quickly and easily, and ensure that they are accessible to your learners.

Certification / Continuing Education Management

Tracking Continuing Education and delivering Electronic Certificates has been a staple of the KMI LMS since launch and continues to evolve. With the KMI LMS, you can not only track continuing education but also manage windows of CE availability and associate different electronic certificates with different CE selections.

Conference Management

Conferences can be difficult to manage in any system, and using a separate conference tool introduces more accounts to manage, more sites to bounce between, and more data to try to synchronize and analyze for both users and administrators. Any conference, large or small, live or in person – or even a hybrid of both – can be managed alongside all other courses in the LMS. The Conference Management tool brings a new, modern interface to all users to register and administer these events more easily. And just like standard courses, conferences can track Continuing Education and distribute Certificates to each and every user.

E-commerce Capability

E-commerce functionality in an LMS is crucial for nonprofits. It allows for efficient fundraising, course monetization, and resource generation. Nonprofits can leverage e-commerce features to generate revenue, sustain their missions, and reinvest in further educational initiatives, ultimately expanding their reach and impact within their communities.

Case Study

TrainingFinder Real-time Affiliate Integrated Network (TRAIN) celebrates its 21st anniversary, marking two decades of exceptional service in training first responders and public health professionals. Established in 2003, TRAIN emerged from the post-9/11 need for comprehensive training to address evolving public safety challenges. In collaboration with the Public Health Foundation (PHF), KMI Learning introduced TRAIN with a highly customizable Learning Management System (LMS) that now serves nearly 5 million registered users. Offering over 25,000 courses across various disciplines, TRAIN has expanded its reach to 32 states, as well as affiliations with key organizations like the Medical Reserve Corps, The FDA, the Veterans Health Administration, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This milestone highlights the enduring partnership with KMI, reinforcing the platform’s commitment to equipping frontline heroes for the future.