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The Challenge

The attacks on September 11, 2001 brought to the forefront the need to provide effective and comprehensive training to both first responders and public health professionals. TRAIN’s intention is to provide exactly that. Public health workers and first responders needed to be trained and prepared to deal with chemical, biological and chemical attacks, and they needed a site for just-in-time training. Due to the crucial nature of the knowledge and learning, State health departments and the federal government would have to be able to track the training. That tracking had to penetrate through the ranks to local health departments. 

Perhaps the greatest challenge for first responders and public health professionals is the constantly evolving landscape of public safety. Recent events, including Covid-19 (and its unpredictable variants), present new situations to face – in some cases on a daily basis. TRAIN understands that preparedness is key.

The Solution

Together with the Public Health Foundation, KMI Learning developed TrainingFinder Real-time Affiliate Integrated Network (TRAIN) in 2002. KMI brought with them their highly customizable LMS. With the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and 20 state affiliates, KMI brought on their customizable LMS, a platform that is flexible enough to change with the needs and demands of what has now become 33 affiliates, yet structurally sound enough to support all its users. The LMS is set up to handle mulitple organizations, portals, branding, 3rd party course providers, distributed administration for all member affiliates… The list goes on. And while the system is outward-facing, serving both users and affiliates, it is also forward-facing, with a finger on the pulse of current trends, and an eye to the future.

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The Outcome

Over a period of 20 years, TRAIN has grown to include more than 3 million registered users. These individuals have access to over 5,000 courses that cover a variety of disciplines. The course list grows steadily. TRAIN now serves 25 states across the US. Many of these states utilize TRAIN to train and track the progress of their first responders and public health professionals. Included among TRAIN’s affiliates now are the Medical Reserve Corps and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.