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It’s widely recognized that people are most healthy when they know how to care for themselves. At KMI Learning we believe that eLearning, when developed with respect, compassion and a human touch, creates educated patients who are less anxious and more motivated in self-care. We aim to help people become “expert patients” with better outcomes and enhanced quality of life.


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At KMI Learning, we work with you to empower people to learn about their healthcare options. Together, we can provide people with information that is both useful and relevant to their needs. KMI builds eLearning programs that help you shed light on medical myths and mysteries.

  • Which means people think more clearly.
  • Which means people make smarter healthcare choices.
  • Which makes the difference when health is on the line.

It’s time we empowered people to take charge of their healthcare.

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Case Studies

Cancer Support Community

Cancer Support Community

CSC states that their mission “is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.” KMI Learning is proud to be partnering with CSC in furthering that mission through the development of a leading edge eLearning program.

Prostate Cancer Research Institute

Prostate Cancer Research Institute

The PCRI mission “is to improve the quality of prostate cancer patients and caregivers lives by supporting research and disseminating information that educates and empowers patients, families and the medical community.” Since 2014, KMI Learning has been working with PCRI in developing engaging and innovative videos for the “Prostate Cancer 101” series and the “Shades of Prostate Cancer” patient education program.

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KMI Learning is part owner of the eLearning based wellness program Wellness Concepts Live. This initiative enables organizations to enroll and track their associates in not only educational efforts, but also the management of biometric screenings, health risk assessments, exercise activities and more. The system incentivizes users as they are awarded points for completion of various activities. These points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards.

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