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The Challenge

True to their name, AI4ALL is committed to providing Artificial Intelligence (AI) training for everyone, especially underrepresented people. In their own words: AI4ALL is a US-based nonprofit dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in AI education, research, development, and policy. As of August 2021, AI4ALL has impacted 15,000 people in all 50 states and around the world through our programs and our alumni outreach. AI4ALL had been using an out-of-the-box LMS that did not easily allow for growth. AI4ALL was expanding rapidly to include a range of age groups, from educators to high school and college students, and even children and young adults. The out-of-the-box LMS was not customizable to the extent required for AI4ALL’s expansion. This presented a barrier to AI4ALL’s mission; they wanted to reach a much larger audience. They needed an LMS that was customizable and able to grow and expand as they reached a greater number of people with a growing program called Open Learning.

The Solution

To help resolve their challenge, AI4ALL brought KMI on board. KMI’s customized LMS converted AI4ALL’s classroom materials into effective and engaging online learning. And, because the LMS is white-label, any interaction with the LMS feels like the user interacts directly with AI4ALL: the branding, and look and feel is thoroughly AI4ALL’s. At the same time, KMI’s LMS simplified the intake process, pre-setting the required forms specific to a new student’s chosen program at the moment of account creation. The extensively customizable nature of KMI’s LMS allowed the system to grow and expand with AI4ALL’s reach: it was scalable. The resources in AI4ALL’s Google Drive as well as Drive’s data storage were linked and could be used in the LMS’ virtual classrooms.

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The Outcome

KMI’s white label- and customizable LMS resolved AI4ALL’s issues. Most importantly, the process for students was streamlined, from registration to the completion of their course or set of courses. To date, using KMI Learning’s customizable LMS, AI4ALL has reached about 750 teachers; and each teacher has reached an average of about 5 students. As a client that is over a year old, AI4ALL continues to use KMI’s LMS to help further their mission and vision.