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The Challenge

Our client, who works closely with the DoD and has requested anonymity, provides top-of-the-line training courses for their users around the world. For this particular project, they faced several challenges, such as delays in training, frustration with the inability to complete tasks due to those delays, and the red-tape and cost overruns often associated with these kinds of setbacks. The first hurdle was the understandably highly secure firewall within the DoD. The need for extremely high security measures prevented access to websites such as YouTube and Social Media Platforms. Security also blocked many other third-party websites, making the availability of courses difficult and inaccessible. This required trainings to be hosted in different places. Trainings were therefore spead out, with no ‘home’ for the content. WIth the challenges listed thus far, the look and feel of various trainings were also, unsurprisingly, inconsistent. Payment options were also extremely limited. External payment systems can be inflexible and not easily integrated. With the firewalls in place, linking the payment system to the existing process was extremely complicated.

The Solution

When our client brought us on board, the first thing that needed to happen was a centralized and localized access to the LMS. KMI’s LMS provided exactly that. KMI also created a systematic approach to meetings and trainings. Payment processing was run through Stripe, a system that allows for customization and far greater flexibility. Perhaps the greatest step forward was when KMI consolidated all the content and had it stored in-house. Components of the training were all housed under a single domain, with customized in-house hosting. Since the content was pre-white-listed and secured beforehand, authorized users could access the training content they need through our client, including video conferencing and training, and other eLearning courses. To satisfy the DoD’s restrictions, security was baked into the LMS. At the same time, our client’s systems could now ‘handshake’ with the DoD’s systems.

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The Outcome

With the required information already vetted and secured by the authorizing agencies, KMI’s intervention and support led to a 90 – 98% user participation and interaction with the our client’s Centralized LMS. The training content was inherently accessible since the training was made available on demand. The training was, at the same time, security-compliant. The learning experience also became consistent across the courses and trainings. In addition, an internalized, centralized payment process expedited the approval for training expenses, cutting down on paperwork and red-tap without sacrificing security.