WordPress Integration

The Challenge

Getinge provides hospital equipment, such as ventilators, etc. With a focus on the essential healthcare industry and the life sciences, Getinge needed a way to support their users as they were trained to operate the equipment and products. The training needed to be interactive, unlike typical training methods that are often seen as boring and uninteresting. Their existing LMS provided no guidance to users on what course, or set of courses, was needed to fulfill training requirements; users had to know what courses they had to take for their chosen pathways before they could even get started. It was a vicious circle. getinge needed a training system/method that would be more interactive for their user manuals, as well as guidance on the steps to take toward fulfilling training goals. In essence, all that was available at the time was a prospectus of sorts: an extensive list of courses that was offered by Getinge. As well, Getinge needed to present the full breadth of their brand, especially the segment of their brand that faced outward to their users.

The Solution

Getinge turned to KMI Learning for a way to provide what was needed to elevate and streamline their users’ experience. KMI began with a Worpress page, a move that allowed Getinge the freedom to customize information to the level of detail that they required. Getinge could provide guidance as to which course (or set of courses) was needed for a particular pathway for any specific individual. Just as importantly, every WordPress page contained the links to the courses that were required, at which point the individual was interacting with the LMS. The transition, of course, was seamless. Getinge’s courses were further categorized by type, country, language, etc. Users were only ever interacting with the Getinge brand, thanks to KMI Learning’s White Label Customized LMS.

Custom Course Details

GDPR Workflow

GDPR Workflow

The Outcome

Although the solution seems simple, the results have been gratifying and satisfying for everyone involved. Getinge’s traffic has increased from 3800+ user logins to 9300+ user logins, a nearly 245% increase in user traffic. To continue to serve their clients and customers, Getinge is asking for more. Needless to say, KMI Learning is happy to oblige.