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The Challenge

A leading global provider of consulting and professional services, needed an effective set of tools to support and enhance the workforce skills of their clients and customers. Initially, it was thought to be an easy and relatively inexpensive prospect, since the content was already available in the existing system. However, there were several barriers to effectively providing the eLearning courses. To begin with, the presentation of the content was not engaging: the technology they were using was outdated, and learners were not empowered to learn. Secondly, the courses had been built with an out-of-the-box, proprietary learning platform that was inflexible, and could not be turned outward to meet the needs of external audiences. Other third-party options only compounded the problem: they were disjointed, and each option only inadequately resolved a portion of the issues. The challenge, therefore, was two-fold:

  • The lack of an educational tool that was customizable and flexible enough to face outward.
  •  An integrated set of tools that would meet their needs, interact with existing systems and do so smoothly and seamlessly.

The Solution

At the request of the client, KMI built a custom LMS that included a skills assessment survey. The survey helped clients and end-users to determine which courses would be required to support a particular need – or set of needs. The user then could hand-pick their courses to build the necessary curriculum. The entire customized LMS was designed to integrate with existing content. In addition, KMI’s LMS, customization and all, was also relatively affordable, and kept the entire learning experience within a single system, without pulling components from third-party LMS vendors.

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Skill Assessment Tool

The Outcome

What started as the client’s struggle to provide an eLearning tool that brought engaging eLearning content to their clients rapidly grew into a full featured online Academy. The Academy now brings in more than $30 million annually. Content is updated and upgraded on an ongoing basis and now includes over 5,600 courses. The client now provides this customized tool to over 105 corporations globally, with hundreds of thousands of learners around the world.