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The Challenge

The mission of one of our clients is to transform police force management with a comprehensive management system. part of the transformation also employs early intervention software on a platform that provides a 360° holistic view of every officer. The mission is relevant in police departments of all sizes. With an application that comprises 7 modules, our client had a real barrier to a full integration between their own systems and their LMS. What lay before them was a choice: to build their own application/LMS or to hire a 3rd party. They opted to bring KMI Learning on board. A secondary (but no less important) challenge with hiring a 3rd party LMS provider was that the branding, look and feel of the LMS had to be a seamless part of our client’s product and service offerings. In other words, there could not be a ‘powered by…’ link, or any similar external branding or promotionary mateiral on any of their training modules or reporting systems.

The Solution

KMI’s White Label LMS was put in place and fully customized so that it was wholly branded as our client’ very own. The two systems (our client’s modules and KMI’s LMS) were integrated seamlessly.

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The Outcome

Because there was virtually no delineation between the modules and the LMS, our client’ users participated in learning that was completely seamless. KMI’s white label LMS also completely matched our client’ look and feel: to all appearances, our client was in full ownership of the entire learning experience, and fully supported by KMI’s tools behind the scenes. Since the implementation of KMI’s white label LMS, our Client reports that their client base has broadened, which has the added benefit of organizational growth. They have been a treasured client for about 3 years.