Upward Bound Training

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The Challenge

Upward Bound Training Solutions (UBT) was desperate to find an LMS provider that could (and would) cater to their very unique custom feature requirements. UBT helps inidividuals pass their California state insurance exams, and was nearly driven out of business by an inflexible out-of-the-box LMS. The State of California audits their Insurance Claims Adjustors’ training very closely. The state holds training providers responsible for validating the training and tracking the number of hours spent in training each individual. UBT’s existing LMS was insufficient to both validate and track the training as required by California State Law. The level of customization required by UBT was beyond the scope and ability of their existing LMS.


The Solution

Faced with their predicament, UBT turned to KMI, who rose to the challenge. KMI rebuilt their own customizable LMS using components that worked to meet UBT’s particular demands. Along the way, KMI provided new solutions, building on – and even exceeding – UBT’s original requirements. For one thing, UBT needed a way to track data at an almost granular level. So, KMI created a customized LMS that included a timer to ensure that learners were compliant with California’s State-mandated hours spent on the course material. The compliance data was available on-demand in when required by an audit. Also included were a specialized user activity log, unique e-commerce and coupon code functionality, and a one-of-a-kind look and feel.

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The Outcome

In the 7 years of partnership between UBT and KMI, only minor changes (bug-fixes) have been made to the LMS. UBT, which at one point was on the verge of closing down, now sees 15,000 courses accessed per month by over 1,000 users. These 1,000 users are also responsible for over 65,000 logins in the same amount of time. To learn more about UBT and Steve’s story, please watch the video below.