Drivers as Brand Ambassadors Online Course


As soon as your drivers put on the company uniform, even if it’s just a hat or a shirt with your logo, or get into a vehicle with the company’s logo on it, the public associates the driver with the company he or she represents.

Bulk discounts are available at various levels:

# of users Per user/Year
1-50 $25.95
51-100 $23.95
101-200 $21.95
201-500 $19.95
501-1000 $17.95
1001 $15.95



Drivers as Brand Ambassadors Course
Duration: 30-minutes
Audience: Logistics and Delivery

The course covers:

  • Considerate and safe driving
  • Vehicle appearance
  • Personal appearance and hygiene
  • Physical and emotional preparation for the delivery
  • Effective connection and communication with customers
  • Paperwork completion
  • Proper relationships with customers (what they can a shouldn’t ask a driver to do
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