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Taking Control of our Own Healthcare: Patient education on a tectonic shift in the diagnosis of prostate cancer

KMI Learning, a leader in healthcare eLearning, announces the release of the first in a series of patient education videos on prostate cancer. The series is being developed in cooperation with the Prostate Cancer Research Institute of Los Angeles, California and Prostate Oncology Specialists of Marina del Rey, California. The videos are intended to clear up misconceptions surrounding the diagnosis and overtreatment of this cancer which is different for every man, ranging from a very serious, to very slow-growing disease.

Current diagnostic practice has men with high PSA test results rushing to have  random needle biopsies, a painful and often dangerous procedure. It is estimated that 500,000 men in the US undergo these biopsies needlessly each year. Nearly 3% of these men suffer infections serious enough to require hospitalization and even more troubling is the fact that over 50,000 men undergo unnecessary radical prostatectomies.

Recent advances in MRI imaging have rendered the blind random needle biopsy all but obsolete. The 3 Tesla, or 3T MRI scanners can detect all but the tiniest tumors. Where tumors or suspected tumors are found  the scans can be used to guide targeted biopsies.

The first video in the online patient education series, titled So your PSA number is high… addresses the concerns of men who have been recently tested and found to have a higher than normal amount of prostate specific antigen (PSA)  in their blood, a substance which may indicate the presence of cancer. The video seeks to enable men to take control of their own healthcare and to counter the panic that so often accompanies even the suggestion of a cancer diagnosis. It is especially targeted to men who are screening for prostate cancer, or who have prostate cancer and are undergoing Active Surveillance.

Patient education and empowerment are incredibly important for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. A passive or panicked approach can have profound negative quality-of-life consequences. This video series points men to resources and introduces them to a new way of thinking about their own healthcare that can, quite literally, change their lives for the better.


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