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The KMI Learning Extended Enterprise LMS* is a powerhouse White-Label LMS application wrapped in an elegant and easy-to-use interface. Whether your business is a startup or an enterprise with the KMI LMS you can deliver custom Training Programs, sell content, manage multiple groups or clients, run reports, distribute permissions, and more; all from any device on any platform.

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Key Features

White Label Branding

It’s your company and your content. It should look like you.

White Glove Support

Every customer is assigned a dedicated Implementation Manager that is focussed on the success of the initiative.

Zapier Integrations (coming soon!)

With Zaper the KMI LMS can integrate with any other platform within the Zapier ecosystem. Do you use SalesForce and need to automate account creation or receive completion data from the LMS? Done. Hubspot? Easy. Zapier lest you make chains of interactions performing any custom integration you can imagine linking the KMI LMS to other applications like Google, Zendesk, Stripe, MailChimp, Facebook and more.

Multi-Tenant Ready

With the KMI LMS you can invite 3rd Party Course Providers into the site to build and manage their own content (teachers, coaches, SME’s, etc). Build out different groups for different workflows, provide clients with limited administrative rights, and manage it all from a master admin account. Custom domains, client-style sheets / branding and even custom login pages can be built into an implementation.

We welcome custom development projects!

This is what really sets KMI apart from the others. We are willing to face and overcome any integration or customization challenge. Do you doubt that? Try us!

Easy to Use

Easy for learners is a given. KMI takes it a step further. It’s also easy for admins. After all, admins are people too. They shouldn’t have to click 18 times on seven different pages to make a course live. (C’mon big pig LMS. You know who you are)

Highly Scalable

A few dozen to a couple million; the KMI LMS can and will handle as few or as many as you need it to.

E-Commerce Capable

With the KMI LMS you can sell courses to users and have all transactions posted directly to your Stripe Merchant account.

Powerful Reporting Tools

An easy report builder and a graphical dashboard. And if you need to really geek out on reporting, we’ve got an ad hoc builder in the classic (read “old”) mode.

Flexible Conent

Within the KMI LMS you can build content from SCORM 1.2 files, plain Documents, Video or even External Links. Run classroom Live Events or add your virtual Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, GotToMeetings or MS Teams information for virtual events. The KMI LMS also supports light integrations with Google Drive and Office 365 to handle rapid course.

Certification & Achievements

Users can earn custom e-Certificates as well as group-based Badges by completing courses in the LMS. Users can also see how they rank on a points-based Leaderboard against other users within their group.

Mobile Ready

Uhhh. Yeah. Of course, it’s mobile ready. No LMS worth its salt isn’t mobile ready these days. (Some aren’t though)



The KMI Learning LMS provides all the reporting tools you need to access your data, your way. After all, an LMS is only as good as the data under the hood. Our LMS provides three core tools that provide access to your data.


A mobile LMS by itself can be rather limiting, and fragmenting. What we’re really talking about is a user’s ability to access learning anytime, anywhere, on any device. An experience that is both unique and familiar to every user and administrator. A solution that simplifies strategic development and tosses aside the limiting boxes of “Desktop” and “Mobile”. Not just Mobile Learning – Anywhere Learning.

Features Detailed

User Management Tools

  • Group-based: At the heart of our LMS is the useful manner in which you can arrange your learners into groups of your own design. Arranging and relating these groups allows you to perfectly control use and visibility of site resources. One group of learners might have a different course portfolio from another, or even a different selection of site features.
  • Custom user attributes: You can define user categories yourself, and organize your learners in your own way. Almost every client has custom categories for their learners. For example, knowing the region, office, hire date, or line manager of learners can be helpful in your reporting.
  • Simple learner management: A user can be added in just moments from an administrative menu. Or you can allow self-registration to your site by giving an access key to your new learners.
  • Bulk user management: When you need to make changes to many user records, the LMS offers bulk management tools to simplify your task. For example, adding ten thousand users is as easy as putting them in a spreadsheet and importing them directly to the site.
  • Approval management options: Course registration can be made freely available to users, but you have the option of restricting some access to only those approved by an administrator. This can be handy, for example, to ensure your web seminar courses aren’t oversubscribed.

Course Management

  • Simple and powerful course management: A course can be added with a minimum of information – a name, a launch URL, and only a few simple fields are required. But the course administration can expand to meet your advanced needs, such as course prerequisite requirements, and custom certificates of completion.
  • Multiple course types: The LMS offers several popular course types to meet all of your eLearning needs
  • Online (SCORM, AICC, other): SCORM or AICC compliant courses can be added directly to the site with a simple upload wizard. Simpler online courses can also be added with no difficulty.
  • Live events: From single-session to conferences with multiple sessions, locations, and instructors, every kind of live event can be managed with the LMS. This includes online events, such as web conferences – a special strength of the LMS.
  • Compilations: You can combine any number of courses into a master compilation course. You could create anything from “themed” course lists to certification-track preparation series.
  • Stand-alone surveys and assessments: Though any course can have an assessment or survey attached to it, you can also offer them as stand-alone items, tracked by the LMS alongside traditional courses.
  • Assessments, Evaluations, and Surveys: With seven question types (such as Multiple Choice and Rating Scale) and complete control over the delivery method of your questions, you can accommodate almost any kind of assessment or survey on the LMS.
  • Roster tools: Our course roster interface has recently been redesigned to allow effective management of user registrations and results. The Roster provides you with numerous ways of filtering and viewing data, along with additional tools such as printing sign-in sheets or mailing labels for live events, managing session wait-lists, batch registrations, data-exporting, and more.
  • Collections: A collection is a list of courses that you organize according to a theme or subject area. They have great utility for learners, who can explore a subject or skill without having to search for relevant course content.
  • Certificates: Many clients like to supply certificates of completion to their learners. Not only does the LMS offer such certificates, there is also an on-site certificate design tool to change the fields, add graphics, and fully customize the layout of the certificates.
  • E-Commerce Capable:


  • An Easy Report Writer: You can create as many reports as you wish based on templates. You can easily filter and schedule reports for weekly or monthly automation.
  • Dashboard: On the Dashboard, you get a one-page display of the most interesting learning benchmarks. Adjust your parameters (like date ranges) on the left, and on the right – more than a dozen important metrics are updated.
  • Custom reports: If you have specific report needs, KMI can build custom templates for use in the Easy Report Writer.

Standards / Compliance

  • Courses: SCORM and AICC: The LMS supports AICC and SCORM 1.2 course formats. As a result, the LMS ensures your courses can be used with many different training systems without modification.
  • Accessibility 508: Full Accessibility for learners has been an LMS objective for several years. The full learner experience is tested against a Section 508 compliance checklist, and popular screen reading software. WCAG 2.0 compliance can be implemented for clients that require it.

Admin Tools

Distributed Administration: Administration of the LMS can begin with the simplest manner – a few administrators can exercise all roles over the site. However, many clients like to delegate admin tasks as the site grows. Administrative tasks, such as course and user management and reporting, can be broken down into distinct roles on the site. These can easily be entrusted to many ‘local admins’ for smaller groups of learners.


  • Web services: The LMS has a potent suite of secure RESTful web services. Your own system can query them to obtain up-to-date information on users, courses, and course activity.
  • Pass-through integration / Single Sign On (SSO): Many clients have created a seamless integration between their own sites and the LMS by taking advantage of industry standard technologies such as SAML or OpenID Connect. These standards provide robust documentation, security, and reliability to the project.
  • AICC: The LMS can launch external AICC courseware. This allows you to integrate third-party content, such as Skillsoft, with your own courses. Also, the LMS can act as an AICC server for an external system. So a remote LMS could launch any of your SCORM or AICC courses with automatic tracking of course completion.
  • Vast experience with custom integrations: KMI has had great success in creating integrations with dozens of clients, many of them custom solutions. Our clients have profited from solutions as diverse as Webservices, SAML SSO, OAuth, sftp file transfers, and Active Directory relationships.


  • Visually adaptable: The user interface can be adapted in small ways, or completely customized, according to your preference. Customization can give your learners a sense of familiarity, and offer you an opportunity to brand the learning experience to blend seamlessly with your other tools.
  • Mobile Ready: The KMI LMS is fully responsive via an HTML5 interface designed to respond to any screen size on any device. All features for users and administrators can be performed easily on mobile devices and desktop.
  • White Label Branding: KMI never forces our branding into your implementation. We can develop a custom look and feel for all of our clients’ unique needs.
  • Support for multiple domains and portals: when running outward facing academies it can be critical to be able to offer custom branded sites to subscribers. A single KMI LMS implementation can handle as many portals into the LMS as needed.

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