In our previous 3 blogs, we looked at how eLearning can be incorporated into our existing training structures. We focused on the ongoing success of Millennials at our organizations.

But what’s the big deal about Millennials, anyway? And why is it so important for companies to be attractive to them? Well for starters, they’re the largest group of people entering the workforce in decades (since the baby boomers). By 2020 (less than 5 years from now), 46% of the U.S. workforce will be made up of Millennials. And this is a group of people that are highly motivated by leadership, personal and professional growth, and who are more socially connected than any previous generation, thanks to technology and the internet.

Consider that Millennials are the future of our companies. Our success is firmly tied to theirs, and vice-versa. And success for both management and Millennial begins with training.

Basically, you want Millennials to think you’re cool. And it’s not just about looks, either.

In a world that is becoming increasingly technological, merely keeping up with the bells and whistles of eLearning isn’t enough. Technology for technology’s sake is simply more technology. Yes, Millennials are very comfortable with technology. They don’t surf the net, they’re immersed in it. But all tech and no relevance lacks substance. Millennials may play with the tech for a while, but without a way to connect personally with the company, they’ll move on. Bye-bye Millennial.

In the same way, including content for the sake of content is just more content. Loading a training program with material doesn’t make it better. It just makes it more dense. And anyone faced with a barrage of information and no way to effectively access and process that information quickly becomes frustrated and even bored. And if you’re a Millennial, you’re going to look elsewhere, and fast. Once again, bye-bye Millennial.

A solid Learning Management System (LMS) blends technology with content that is relevant and relatable. Learners engage the content in a way that is meaningful and fun, yet challenging and rewarding. There is a balance and an art to it. A good eLearning company will work with your organization’s needs, and take into consideration your employee base. Effective eLearning equals effective training and provides a space for employees to experience satisfaction and happiness with their job. And this is why effective eLearning is such a vital part of employer branding.

Try connecting the dots for yourself. Take a look at the training programs at your company. And then take a moment and honestly answer the following questions:
Are your training programs boring? Or are they challenging and interactive?
Do you utilize eLearning systems as part of the training? Or do new hires learn their tasks through manuals, lectures and shadowing?
Does your training allow for personal discovery? Or are your employees expected to “just learn the material”?
Does your training allow for ongoing personal and professional growth?

Would you say your training programs are a match for the commitments and mindset of the Millennials generation? If not, we leave you with a challenge: what are you going to do about it? And how may we be of assistance?

In this context we could probably talk about an extended enterprise as an employer branding tool, however, that is a big enough topic for an article on its own.

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