IaC: Identity and Access Management in GCP


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Google Cloud Platform offers several technologies to assist you in moving forward with an Infrastructure as Code strategy for Identity and Access Management, including Google Cloud SDK, Google Cloud Admin SDK, Anthos Service Mesh, and Identity-Aware Proxy, to name a few. Throughout this course, we will make frequent use of the Cloud SDK, which provides “tools and libraries for interacting with Google Cloud products and services” in a way that allows us to implement Infrastructure as Code. This course will give learners an understanding of how to implement various Identity & Access Management controls using Infrastructure as Code.
The Identity & Access Management controls covered in this course are driven by emerging research and industry-recognized standards and practices. Such controls include:

– Multifactor Authentication
– Cryptographic Authentication
– Single Sign-On, Passwordless Authentication
– Adaptive Authentication
– Deny Resource Access by Default
– Enforce Level of Least Privilege

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