KMI Learning and the Public Health Foundation (PHF) are pleased to announce the launch of the rebuilt, modern version of the TRAIN Learning Platform used by over 1.3 million members of  the nation’s Public Health workforce. On January 30, 2017 the new TRAIN began giving learners the ability to access new features. Users of this brand new, state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS) platform will experience the following improvements:

  • Mobile-friendly access, allowing learners to use TRAIN on a variety of devices
  • Modern design that is easy to navigate
  • Simplified account creation
  • Improved advanced course search
  • Streamlined learning record management, including transcripts and certificates
  • Increased support, including video tutorials and easy-to-understand documentation

The first phase of the platform, which includes major learner features, is now available on the national TRAIN site at and the CDC TRAIN site at

The TRAIN Learning Network’s other state and federal affiliates will launch their new branded affiliate websites throughout the next year. Look for announcements from your TRAIN Affiliates on when these transitions will take place.

Future Phases

Additional functionality for the new TRAIN platform will become available as it is completed. Upcoming features on the new platform will include:
  • Training calendar
  • New, user-friendly course wizard to post content to TRAIN

Future phases will include:

  • Training plans supported as course records (meaning all course functions/abilities will be available such as assessments, evaluations, certificates, competencies, and more)
  • Organizational course provider accounts made up of multiple individual course providers
  • Internal messaging system within TRAIN (currently system sends messages to external emails only)
  • Upgraded database, which will allow:
    • Quicker reports
    • Scheduled reports
    • Easier maintenance/management
    • Easier automation and programming
  • Enhanced reporting
    • User-friendly ad hoc reporting interface
    • Visual report formats (charts, graphs, and more)
  • xAPI (Tin Can API) to record and track diverse types of learning experiences

More information

See a detailed demo of the new platform by viewing a recording of the “The Evolution of Public Health Learning: Introducing the New TRAIN Learning Network Platform Webinar” on TRAIN. For additional information about the new platform, contact the PHF TRAIN team at