Companies that rely on partnerships, customers, and well-trained personnel to succeed need a better and more comprehensive option than a straightforward and out-of-the-box LMS. This is where extended enterprise learning comes into play.

When it comes to learning management systems, not all LMS solutions are created equal. Additionally, starting with an extended enterprise LMS is the best way to advance your development and learning programs now and well into the future. An extended enterprise eLearning solutions is designed to go beyond the basics and not be one-size-fits-all. As a result, its easy adaptability grows a company’s ability to take its training to new users and new heights.

Exploring the Significance of Extended Enterprise LMS

But how does extended enterprise LMS training work, and how do you know that an extended enterprise LMS is the right fit for your ambitions for long-term growth? What are your options with extended enterprise training? How do you identify the best LMS solutions provider to launch and maintain your extended enterprise training program as it evolves?

Your smartest move is to connect with the experts at KMI Learning to determine if an extended enterprise LMS is the best fit for your immediate and long-term goals. At KMI Learning, we offer limitless options when it comes to LMS development and solutions. With a free consultation, you can get started on advancing your development programs from the ground up.

In the meantime, here are the fundamentals of a solidly built extended enterprise LMS and how it can take your organization to new audiences and new plateaus of success.

What is an Extended Enterprise LMS?

An extended enterprise LMS is a learning management system designed to be used by a wide range of end users and not just a specific demographic or target audience. For example, an extended enterprise LMS may be used to provide essential training for your employees. However, it may also be used to provide eLearning options and training for your partners, suppliers, distributors, vendors, customers, or even unaffiliated companies that will benefit from your knowledge.

Instead of just a few options for eLearning, an extended enterprise LMS has an evolving range of training programs, customized for each set of end users. All of these eLearning programs are available within a centralized portal. That way, the organization behind the scenes distributing and monitoring these development programs can efficiently access and keep tabs on the training as it progresses.

What is the Difference Between an Extended Enterprise LMS and a Regular LMS?

In the simplest terms, the biggest difference between an extended enterprise LMS and a regular or out-of-the-box LMS is flexibility and customization.

An out-of-the-box LMS is a solid solution for companies and organizations that must fit a concrete set of training requirements that are not expected to change, evolve, or grow in the future. An example could be basic HR guidelines and protocols or safety info for a small team of employees performing the same job.

However, an extended enterprise LMS is designed for companies that need to share a wide array of information and training for different end users.

An example is KMI Learning’s partnership with In this case, TRAIN needed to provide a wide array of information that was distinctive and designed for varying first responders and public health professionals in an evolving landscape of public safety. Recent events, like the rise of Covid-19 (and its unpredictable variants), meant that training materials needed to be easily updated, upgraded, and altered to be most effective. Additionally, the material had to be accessible and distinctive to 20 (and now 33) state affiliates.

Simply put, an extended enterprise LMS is designed to grow and promote growth for the indefinite future.

From companies that want to expand their business to organizations that want to connect with more clients and partners, an extended enterprise LMS is the best option for evolving.

What are the Benefits of an Extended Enterprise LMS?

The benefits of an extended enterprise LMS are immediate and far-reaching including the following below.

Easier Distribution, Accessibility, and Management

With an extended enterprise LMS, educators and leaders can monitor and distribute eLearning programs to the appropriate audience. At the same time, end users can easily access the training specific to their unique requirements. Essentially, it takes the guesswork and multi-tasking out of eLearning management and provides a streamlined way to share countless amounts of information and development programs with little effort.

Ability to Adapt and Change

An extended enterprise LMS can reach a wide array of audiences as it can simultaneously address the needs of employees, customers, partners, vendors, and new audiences that may surface in the future.

Strengthens Relationships and Partnerships

An extended enterprise LMS ensures everyone is on the same page, from employees to partner organizations, suppliers, and vendors. It also provides the opportunity for these partnerships to spiderweb and grow as development programs are implemented and shared.

Opportunity to Grow

Best of all, an extended enterprise LMS provides ample opportunities for a company or organization to grow exponentially. Branded as the organization’s product and able to be updated and altered as circumstances change and new partnerships form, an extended enterprise LMS is effectively designed for organizations that want to expand.

Better Analytics and ROI

One of the most common issues when it comes to managing different development or training programs for different audiences is tracking results. An extended enterprise LMS uses data-driven insights to address the training’s effectiveness. It allows educators and organizational leaders to make informed decisions to optimize their eLearning solutions for existing and new audiences.

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