eLearning has come a long way since the term was first introduced alongside the rise of the internet in the 1990s. Today, eLearning has replaced the older method of in-person training for corporations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and virtually every group or business that needs to provide educational opportunities on a broader but smarter scale.

However, the key to unlocking the benefits of eLearning is to start with the best learning management system. Do a little research for learning management systems online, and you’ll be flooded with options, but it’s essential to remember that not all learning management systems (LMS) are created equal.

When it comes to the most effective and beneficial eLearning available, the LMS solutions that will be optimal for your organization may not be immediately clear. An expert in custom LMS and the creation of LMS for training companies will be able to guide the way on the eLearning features that will best serve your organization’s unique ambitions. However, in the meantime, it’s helpful to understand the many benefits of eLearning that can be achieved when you partner with the best learning management system provider.

What is the Importance of Learning Management Systems (LMS) in Modern Workplace Training?

The modern workplace has changed and is no longer confined to a brick-and-mortar location. Today, it’s not unusual to have employees or partners who work from home or in areas around the world. Employees work different schedules and timeframes throughout the day to create the most productive work environment possible.

Because of this shift, in-person training can be an ineffective, time-consuming, and costly venture. Many organizations – especially those with thousands of members or personnel – simply don’t have the resources to effectively provide eLearning opportunities to everyone on their team at once.

A good example is KMI’s recent partnership with AI4ALL, a US-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Artificial Intelligence (AI) training to everyone, especially underrepresented people. As of August 2021, AI4ALL had impacted 15,000 people in all 50 states and all around the world. Therefore, it’s obvious that in-person training options were completely unfeasible. Though the organization started with an out-of-the-box LMS, the nonprofit’s goal of growth required a custom LMS tailored by KMI Learning that allowed the organization to soar.

The Benefits of eLearning for Organizations

Take a tour of our case studies, and you’ll see first-hand how varying organizations, corporations, companies, and nonprofits can all benefit from having an expert and custom LMS that boosts their outreach. But generally speaking, there are a few key benefits that a top and custom LMS can provide, which includes the following.

Flexibility and Accessibility

A great LMS can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time and from multiple (even thousands) of users simultaneously. This means that your team members, volunteers, and personnel have the freedom to learn at their own pace and whenever they have the time and attention to do so. Not all users learn at the same speed, so flexibility and accessibility are essential to maintain user retention across the board. A custom LMS grants users ongoing access to the necessary training courses, delivering precisely that benefit.


Imagine all the costs required to host in-person training at a designated site. Depending on the number of attendees, you may need to rent a space, hire an instructor, and allow ample time for your learners to arrive at the site to attend the training. All of these costs add up and have a trickle-down effect across your organization. After all, if your team members or employees are using their precious time to drive and attend a class on-site, they are not spending that time doing their job and making your organization more productive.

eLearning is inherently more cost-effective because it reduces the travel costs and accommodations required with in-person training. In addition, when it comes to expanding your training, an eLearning solution can allow your business to grow exponentially to new members without making new plans or scheduling more in-person training options.

Enhanced Engagement and Retention

eLearning is also a far more effective way for learners to retain information simply because it can involve a limitless range of training materials, multimedia elements, quizzes, and other features that allow key lessons and messages to stick. Gamification and interaction are especially attractive features in the best learning management systems. Furthermore, it reinforces learning and retention and keeps all training sessions engaging throughout the course.

Best of all, by adding quizzes, games, and other interactive elements, you can track the success of your training and make tweaks or adjustments as needed to ensure that your eLearning sessions are as beneficial as possible to your end users.

Allows for Limitless Growth

Regardless of whether you manage a nonprofit organization, a corporation, a university, or any other operation, you want your organization to grow.

eLearning offers unique growth opportunities that are unattainable in a traditional training setting. With the right custom LMS provider, you can simultaneously engage with thousands of new team members. The best learning management systems will also allow you to create distinctive training materials for every role and every level of training required, all maintained in one central location, allowing your organization to expand in more ways than one.

The Future of eLearning and LMS for Your Organization Starts with a Partnership with KMI Learning

Bear in mind that the above benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can accomplish with a custom LMS that provides the best eLearning opportunities available. In order to make the most out of your eLearning venture, you need a solid partnership with KMI Learning.

A successful eLearning program begins with an effective LMS custom-made for your organization’s unique needs.

Out-of-the-box solutions may have a few key features that might be useful. However, to facilitate growth, retention, and broad education and training opportunities, you need to begin your eLearning endeavors from the ground up with an LMS solution created just for you.

With KMI Learning at your side, you’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve through eLearning solutions that facilitate growth and productivity in every aspect of your organization.

Reach out to us today to get started.