Imagine how much your business could accomplish if you had a learning management system (LMS) that was your distinctive own.

Companies of all sizes and across all industries require LMS solutions for a range of aims. Additionally, internal training for new personnel has evolved to expand their brand recognition, engaging their customers and partners through in-depth and comprehensive eLearning modules.

Therefore, when it comes to expanding your brand and building a reputation as the best resource in your field, you need a custom branded LMS, or a white label platform, as the ultimate solution. Miles away from an out-of-the-box LMS, the best white label LMS will be a tool and product that only your company offers to the world. Therefore, you can dictate and evolve with white label online courses as your company grows.

White Label LMS vs. Out-of-the-box: What is the Best Option?

The first step to understanding how a white label LMS can boost your business is understanding the difference between a white label LMS and alternative LMS options.

Consider the last time you took an online training course or embarked on any eLearning experience. Chances are that while the training provider’s logo and brand hallmarks (like fonts or colors) were highlighted, there were signs that the learning portal was not their own. Perhaps a “Powered by” tagline listed the third-party provider, or the training course seemed familiar and like it had been replicated elsewhere. These are all clues that while a specific company or organization offers a course or LMS it was created by a separate third party. Therefore, a user can assume that the training provider simply plugged in their own information whenever possible.

This is not the case with a white label platform.

With a white label or custom branded LMS, all your training materials from the login URL to the courses are branded as your product. There are no hallmarks that a background company was involved in creating the LMS. Therefore, making every feature within the LMS align with your company’s aesthetic and other features that make your company wholly unique is important.

Advantages of White Label LMS Solutions

There are many benefits when choosing a white label LMS solution versus a more standardized, out-of-the-box LMS. A few of these enticing and business-boosting features include the following:

Customization and Personalization

With a white label LMS, you have the ultimate freedom when it comes to features and design. Instead of just plugging in a logo, you can create a complete LMS that mirrors your brand’s key features and elements. This means you can tailor the LMS to match your company’s branding. Additionally, you can also adjust any materials to align with your content, your target audience, and everything in between.

Flexibility in Adjusting the User Interface and User Experience

Out-of-the-box LMS solutions often have limitations in terms of accessibility. These limitations can include how your end users access your training material and the URLs or portals where your training materials are located. They can also determine the devices required to access the LMS, the number of end users that can access the learning platform at once, etc. However, a white label LMS is designed for your unique set of end users. So, the best white label LMS providers will create a solution from scratch that addresses your company’s individualized challenges. This includes requiring thousands of users to access the eLearning options at once and having a portal on your website where all materials can be accessed.

Building Credibility and Professionalism

Having an LMS that is your own sends a message of professionalism and credibility that can’t be matched. Any business can create eLearning opportunities from an out-of-the-box LMS, but a white label LMS shows your inherent involvement and creates something wholly unique and personalized. As a result, your customers, partners, and end users will affiliate your brand with a reputation as a voice of authority and an expert in your field, which is an attribute that is truly priceless.

Ability to Attract New Clients, Partners, and Customers

One of the best features of a white label LMS is that it allows companies limitless potential for growth. Since the LMS is your product, you can introduce it to new audiences. Therefore, you can expand your business by reaching new partners, customers, clients, and end users who will benefit from your eLearning opportunities.

A White Label LMS in Action

Take a peek at our recent case studies, and you’ll find a wealth of examples of how a white label LMS can power your business to reach new levels of success while maintaining and promoting your brand. We’ve helped clients like LinkLearn, Predictive Analytics Company, and Global Consulting Firm craft new eLearning opportunities that match their exact branding and specifications. Also, this helped clients to garner the ability to attract thousands of new end users, partners, and customers.

This is the power of opting for a white label LMS designed just for you. A white label LMS is the ideal solution for companies aiming for long-term growth, as it addresses unique pain points and identifies avenues to enhance eLearning offerings.

Establish Your Brand with White Label LMS

At KMI Learning, we conquer every LMS challenge one-on-one, and we start with a conversation about your company, your eLearning challenges, and how you want to grow your business and operations to towering new heights.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our custom LMS and white label solutions. Let’s discuss how having a white label LMS can power your brand recognition and loyalty while fostering a new audience of clients, partners, and customers.

Your LMS should work exactly how you want, and you shouldn’t be hindered by restrictions and limitations that are commonplace with an out-of-the-box LMS. Regardless of your industry or distinctive business, a white label LMS can enhance your training and eLearning offerings. This positions you as the leading expert in your field. Furthermore, it allows you to reach the broadest audience while preserving the core elements of your brand.

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